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St. Petersburg, FL High School Class of 1937

378 Seniors Are Graduated At Commencement Exercises In High School Auditorium

Diplomas Are Given Class Members by Dr. A. J. Geiger And C. E. White


A capacity audience, overflowing into the halls and patios, witnessed the annual commencement exercises held last night at the Senior high school.

The class of 378 graduates was seated on the stage facing the audience. Graduates were dressed in caps and gowns, the girls wearing white and the boys gray. Above their heads green and white streamers were festooned from the walls, joining at a central point in the center of the state ceiling. A flower-decorated arch was placed in the center of the state immediately behind the speaker's stand.

Gibson Finley, president of the senior class, gave the main address, speaking on "The Value of An Education." He stressed the importance education plays in the home, in the business world, in sports, and in religion.

Young Speakers Heard.

Nora Blumberg and Geraldine Miller, who tied with Anita Richards for class valedictorian, spoke briefly. Miss Miller expressed the thanks olf the class for the excellent opportunities given it during high school years, and voiced regret at leaving the school.

Miss Blumberg outlined the courses offered by the school as training for future life, also stressing the outstanding extra curricular activities offered to high school students. Miss Richards was unable to attend the graduation because of illness. Robert Thorne was class salutatorian.

Other high ranking students in the class were:
Joel Campbell
John Davis
Ruth Furman
Shirley Hanks
Jean Lambdin
Jeanne Phillips
Elizabeth Post
Dorothy Reynolds
Scott Searles
Bobbie Speer
Edna Ulm
Louise Whittier

Class Officers

Class officers were:
Gibson Finley, president
John Pearce, vice-president
Mary Schooley, secretary
Lura Mae Laughmiller, treasurer
Mrs. Marie Gager and C. E. White were class advisors.