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Cresco, IA High School Classes of 1885-1888


Cresco, Iowa High School Alumni and where they were living in 1925.

Elsie Smith (Mrs. Fellows) Lansing, Ia.
Rose McNamara (Mrs. Rose Beam) Port Angeles, Wash.
Joseph Howe. Contractor, Cresco.
John E. Light. Lawyer and Real Estate, Berkely, Cal.

Eva Marshall (Mrs. S. R. Robinson) Grinnell, Ia.
Nellie Axtell (Mrs. A. Warren) Palouse, Wash.
Nellie Thompson, deceased.
Dana Mead. Postmaster, Cresco.

Stella Morgan (Mrs. Chas. Millard) deceased.
Grace Gallop (Mrs. E. D. Horton) Ft. Atkinson, Ia.
Hattie Elwood (Mrs. Shaefer) deceased.
Josie Barker (Mrs. W. R. Poison) Bruneau, Idaho.
Mert Mitchell, Detroit, Mich.

Lois Kimball (Mrs. Mathews) Dean of Women, Univ. of Wis.
Bruce McHenry. Nurserman, Spring Valley, Minn.
Edwin Church. Lawyer, Cresco.
Walter B. Evans, deceased.
William Tillson. Banker, Cresco.
Florence Perry (Mrs. G. E. Simonds) Minneapolis, Minn.

Roster from the 1925 Cresco High School yearbook.