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Lexington, KY Kentucky University Class of 1897

For the A. M. degree—Russell B. Briney, George A. Klingman, W. Hardin Lucas, Hendery Allison and Fred O’Malley.

For the degrees of B. A. and B. S.—Miss Bettie Berry, first honor; Miss Mary Hunt, E. D. Schoonmaker, second honor; W. H. Tharp, J. N. Elliott, R. J. Estill, Joe Higginbotham, Jacob Embry, F. J. M. Appleman, Benj. Gore, J. L. Earlywine, A. J. Hargett, John Marcrom, George Widener, J. B. Peck, Homer Batson, Buckner Clay, C. B. May, Henry May, W. S. Hocker, G. N. Stephenson, George D. Weaver.

Class roster extracted from "Graduates The Time for "Last Day" Orations, Essays and Diplomas Approaching. Commencement Days And How," in the Morning Herald, Lexington, KY 19 May 1897