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Ishpeming, MI High School Class of 1920

Alumni and where they were in 1927.

CLASS OF 1920.

Angus Ross Pascoe, Law, Washington.
Emy Roselyn Carlson, Teacher, Chassell, Michigan.
Violet Mae Heavyside, Mrs. Algot Stam, Indiana.
Harold Brett Hulst, Arizona.
Frank Ellsworth Keese, Mining Engineer, Iron River, Michigan.
Ada Alice Kettunen, Student at Art Institute, Chicago, Ill.
Lloyd Levasseur, Marquette, Michigan.
Martha Marie Makinen, Mrs. Roy Matthews, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Fern Gladys Malmgren, Teacher, Ludington, Mich.
Gertrude Mary Needham, Student at Ferris Institute, Big Rapids, Michigan.
Adele Irene Niemi, Teacher, Munising, Michigan.
Mildred Eleanor Oas, Mrs. Clyde D. Rankin, Marquette, Mich.
Alice Albertine Pantti, Mrs. Wellman Marsh, East Randoph, N. Y.
Arnold Paulsmo, Boston Store, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Florence Mary Pearce, Teacher, Stambaugh, Michigan.
Cecelia Elizabeth Russell, Chicago, Illinois.
Gladys Hildegarde Sandstrom, Student at Northern State Normal, Marquette, Michigan.
Maude Leanna Swanson, Mrs. Leo Nault, Laurium, Michigan.
Adolph Tomberg, Student at Ferris Institute, Big Rapids, Michigan.

Alumni Roster from the 1927 Yearbook of Ishpeming High School

Ishpeming, Michigan High School Yearbooks
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