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Ishpeming, MI High School Class of 1923

Alumni and where they were in 1927.

CLASS OF 1923.

George D. Quine, Detroit, Michigan.
Hilia Marie Dahl, L'Anse Bank, L'Anse, Michigan.
Louis Andriacchi, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Joseph R. Collins, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Ebba Adele Eklund, Normal, Marquette, Michigan.
Borghild A. Emblom, Stenographer, Penney Store in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
Louise Grenfell, Mrs. Peter Flack, Teacher at Chatham, Michigan.
Saimi Marie Heinonen, Teacher at Humboldt, Michigan.
W. Kenneth Hendra, Detroit, Michigan.
Muriel Adelaide Holmgren, Teacher at Ironwood, Michigan.
Alfred William Hu1st, Michigan College of Mines, Houghton, Michigan.
Waino M. Ikola, Teacher at Melstrand, Michigan.
Harriet Watson Keese, Teacher at Calumet, Michigan.
Hazel Louisa Kemp, Lansing, Michigan.
Clarence Kermode, Ford, Iron Mountain, Michigan.
Dorothy Merle Kermode, St. Luke's Hospital, Marquette, Michigan.
Nina Johanna Laakso, Private Nurse, Detroit, Michigan.
Elsie Lammi, Mrs. Ness Pepin, Detroit, Michigan.
Robert Linden, Teaching at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Kathryn Makinen, Private Nurse, Detroit, Michigan.
Everett S. Manley. Michigan State College, Lansing, Michigan.
Annette Emma Meunier, Stenographer, Battle Creek, Michigan.
Luke Mongill, Detroit, Michigan.
Isabel Charlotte Muck, Teaching, Wakefield, Michigan.
Kezia Nicholls, Teaching, Rockland, Michigan,
Elvin John Olds, Chicago, Illinois.
Anna Louise Olsen, Cashier, Penney Store, Waterloo, Iowa.
Rudolph Patron, Detroit, Michigan.
Frances Lorraine Peppin, Normal, Marquette, Michigan.
Alice E. Peterson, Chicago, Illinois.
Paul Rinne, Detroit, Michigan. Philip J. Sarvello, Chicago, Illinois.
Catherine Schaffer, Teaching, Monroe, Michigan.
Helen L. Siewert, Marquette, Michigan.
Laura I. Silas, Teaching, Carlshend, Michigan.
Aurora Snell, Private Secretary, Detroit, Michigan.
Ludvig Stensaas Normal, Marquette, Michigan.
Marie Jessie St. Andre, Mrs. French, Waukegan, Illinois.
Hulda Elizabeth Suomula, Private Nurse, Detroit, Michigan,
Elmer Swanson, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois.
Arvid I. Taipale, Lake Shore Engine Works, Marquette, Michigan.
Frank R. Tasson, Chicago, Illinois.
Viola Vinge, Teaching, Perkins, Michigan.
Astor Eugene Wallin, Teaching, Port Huron, Michigan.
Olga Wiggen, Teaching, Green Garden, Michigan.
Marvel Lucile Wilson, Mrs. George Whitter, Detroit, Michigan.
Margaret H. Yelland (married), Detroit, Michigan.

Alumni Roster from the 1927 Yearbook of Ishpeming High School

Ishpeming, Michigan High School Yearbooks
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