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Coshocton, OH High School Sophomore Boys 1926-27 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on October 25, 2009 - 7:37pm


The boys from the Class of 1929 when they were Sophomores.


In the photo: Monford Burrell, Karl Lang, Francis Fowler, Robert Bissonnette, George Zimmer, Raymond McCoy, James Lear, Hugh Smith, John Tidball, Victor Park, James Nelson, Edward Gifford, Junior Patterson, Dudley Wells, Martin Davidorf, Vere Cooley, James Plematis, Fred Hosfelt, Morris Williams, Ralph Ringwalt, Carl Schumaker, Frank Murphy, Delbert McCluggage, Franklin Hickman, Grayden Binning, Robert Games, Harry Green, Robert Parish, Garland Fitzpatrick, Daniel Parks, Paul Sprang, Leonard Funk, Fenton Lynch, Homer Porteus, Edwin King, George Ringwalt, Lorenzo Crawford, Wilber Plummer, Jack Parks,Edwin Stone, Raymond Robertson, Charles Cooper, Frederick Huber, Robert Bales, Gilbert McKee, Robert Edgar, Harold Honabarger, Leonard Patrick, Robert West, Homer Roberts

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