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Apollo PA Alumni Roster 01

Submitted by old yearbooks

Apollo PA Alumni Roster 01

Apollo High School 1928 Alumni and what they were doing in 1929.

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Laird Boarts
Helen Moore
Dean Adair
Mary Pollack
Robert Nelson
Irene Clements
Franklin Young
Isabel Zimmerman
Kenneth Speer
Mary Whitlinger
Burnett Buist
Margaret Johnston
James Culp
Margarite Egley
June Young
Dorothy Fulton
Floridan Fiscus
Twila Burns
Frances Lambing
Dorothy Jackson
Claire Blystone
Helen Artman
Donald Myers
Louise Ferguson
James McMillen
Malissa Gilbert
Clyde Burkett
Helen West
Harold Taylor
Gertrude Harris
Glen Smith
Mary Jackson
John Swast
Odessa Hanna
Lewis Talmadge
Erba Stitt
Samuel Wilson
Alice Gray