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Apollo PA Alumni Roster 02

Submitted by old yearbooks

Apollo PA Alumni Roster 02

Apollo High School 1926 & 1927 Alumni and what they were doing in 1929.

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William Free
Dorothy Fiscus
Mildred McCray
John Newhouse
Leona Walker
Burnell Walker
Martha Henry
Helen Shirey
Margaret Steele
Wilbert Armstrong
Paul West

Robert Alcorn
Cyril Augustine
Thelma Beck
Leroy Black
Carolina Bieletti
Clair Bortz
Martha Clare
Marie Crawford
Thelma Dodson
Frank Mori
Ethel Fitzgerald
Thomas Garland
Nota Getto
Twila Grimm
Charles Hazlett
Laura Harley
Mary Margaret Henry
Roy Hartman
Justine Horner
Paul Kiebler
Lucinda Klingelsmith
Arthur McAfoose
Leona McKinstry
Kathryn Lytle
Louise Nelson
William Pauly
Helen Pollock
Andrew Patterson
Mary Purcell
Bernard Shaw