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Apollo PA Alumni Roster 03

Submitted by old yearbooks

Apollo PA Alumni Roster 03

Apollo High School Alumni 1925 & 1926 and what they were doing in 1929.

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Margaret Shaeffer
Ada Shockey
Joseph Swast
Helen de Vries
Charles Truby
Mildred Wareham
Ray Johnston
Hazel Gray
Earl Householder
Martha Clarke
Richard McMillen
Frank Purcell
Lawrence Garland
Janet Jackson
Francis Fiscus
Harold Muffley
Thelma Fiscus
Ada Beamer
Ralph Knepshield
Clare Owens
Esther Brunner
Edward Newton
Clive Talmade
Martha Kunkle
Blaine Knepshield
Ruth King
Walton Culp
Edith Cignetti
Wilbert Grunden
Hulda Young
Austin Orr
Inez Rearick
Genevieve Hill
Martha Austin
Paul Sawyer
Hazel McCutcheon
Hazel Orre
Echo McMillen
Vera Clark
Curtis Ament
Estella Stark