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Jeannette, PA High School Alumni Notes 1927-1928 01

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Jeannette, PA High School Alumni Notes 1927-1928 01

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Class of I927

Agnes Miller, Ethlyn Floyd, Olivia Evans, Josephine Everly, Thelma Caddy, Lois Whiteman, Laura Catalda, Elsie Mawhinney, and John Mochnick are attending Indiana State Teachers' College.
Sarah Cook, Ernest Getto, Leonard Jacobson, Esther Kneyp, Paul C. Miller, Helen Stump, Gerald Boettner, and Jack Brown are attending the University of Pittsburgh.
Helen Baughman is attending Margaret Morrison.
Aileen Houston is attending the Office Training School.
Jeannette Matthews is a stenographer in Denver, Colorado.
Leah Dunlap and Thomas Fairfull are employed at Daugherty's Drug store. Robert Elrick, Dorothy West, Mary Corwin, Frank Yarlett, Charles Graham,
and Glenn Myers are employed at the Pennsylvania Rubber Company.
Mabel Wickline has become Mrs. Glenn Diehl. Margaret Bauer has become
Mrs. William Lauffer and Gladys Shirley has become Mrs. Walter Scott. Norene Horne and Anna Vizzine are employed at Offut's Department Store.
Genevieve Kennedy is a student at Lock Haven Normal.
Milton Engstrom is attending Thiel College.
Ugo DeAmato is a student at the University of West Virginia.
Neil Thompson and John Rankin are student at Pennsylvania State College. Pearl Hower is a teacher at Edna No. 2.
Helen and Robert Patterson are attending Allegheny College.
Lloyd Shrum is a student at Carnegie Institute of Technology.
Katherine Cline is employed as stenographer at Jeannette Glass Co. Pauline Wodnick, Katherine Kifer, Charles Downing, Stanley Staney, and Eli¬zabeth Tanner are employed at the McKee Glass Co.
John Yerina is in Detroit, Michigan.
Margaret Hitshue, Virginia Hoenshel, Henry Gaub, and William Best are employed by the Elliott Co.
Leona Bomblatus is a student nurse in a Pittsburgh Hospital.
Helen Bowers, Marie Beacon, Paul Bliss, Mildred Myers, Antoinette Caraccia, Teno Orengio, Grace Sadler, Clara Del Veechio, Mary Gaut, Hazel Hepler, Charles Izze, Anna Tambourine, Edna Levin, Marian Hall, and Magdalene Lyons are staying at home.
Marie Denunzio is employed by the Miller Toy Co.
Ada Ott is attending Oberlin College.
Martin Palicka is employed by the Tomajko Co.
Kenneth Guy is employed at the Shade and Novelty Co.
Joseph Lesniak is employed by the Westmoreland Coal Co.
Lucinda Larimer is attending Seton Hill College.
Hallie Nesbit is employed at the Crystal Tea Room.
Eleanor Caretti is employed at the Jeannette Savings Bank.
Dan Deluzio, Mildred Baughman, and Helen Bethune are employed by the Westinghouse.
Dorothy Haines is employed at the Kohl Brothers Garage.
Anastasia Stahley is employed by the Murphy Co.
Elizabeth Channon is employed as a stenographer at the Westinghouse Educational Department.
Geraldine Helly is a student nurse at the Greensburg Hospital.
George McHenry is employed at the Downyflake Doughnut Shop.
Olga Gagliardi is studying music in Philadelphia.
Margaret Butler is clerking in a local store.
Irene Gagliardi is employed by the Northwestern Expanded Metal Co. Dorothy Tomlinson is attending Beckley Business College.