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Jeannette, PA High School Alumni Notes 1927-1928 02

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Jeannette, PA High School Alumni Notes 1927-1928 02

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Class of 1928

Genevieve McCormick, Mario Adams, Alice Zundel, Virginia Griffith, Elizabeth Linhart, Norene Reuttger, Agnes Watson, Gertrude Miller, Samuel Davison and Dorothy Snyder are attending Indiana State Teacher's College.
Bernard Steinman, Isobel Hansen and Morris Rabinovitz are enrolled at Carnegie Tech.
Paul Welsh, Richard Blansett, Hazel Boyles, Rachel Elrick and James Lemon are employed at the Elliott Company.
Bernice Kennedy is employed in her father's office.
George Kifer, Loretta Cook, Sidney Rowe, Kenneth Smith, Clarence Bushyager, Charlotte Caldwell, Hilda Levine, Dorothy Heasley, Ralph Watkins, Clyde Anthony, Mary Michaux, Carmel Cima and Juanita Johnson are at home.
Minnie Goldchein, Charles Henry and Howard Newton are employed at the Westinghouse.
Margaret Billups, Oscar Burkel, Edna Dietz, Catherine Lutz, Lettie Bellone, Rose Mayhugh, Guido DeAmato and Eugene Jouret are employed by the Pennsylvania Rubber Company.
James Malone has moved to Atlantic City. Edna Giovanelli and Ada Winters are now living in Ohio, and Frank Borgo resides at Detroit, Michigan.
Joseph Bennett works for the Bell Telephone Company. Adolph Berger is a barber in Claridge. John Bethune clerks at the Penney Company; Laura Crisman and Winiford Hoenshel work at Murphy's store : John Hazlett is employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company ; Adele Kelley is a hair dresser at her home. Genevieve Hizer clerks at the Keystone Store and Genevieve Hughes is employed at the Westmoreland Specialty Company.
Cora Beal, Julia Gardner and Dorothy Kealey, are students at the Office Training School.
Alice Ticken is employed as a stenographer by the Victory Glass Co. Edna Lauffer is employed as a bookkeeper at Ashbaugh's Garage, Harrison City.
Angeline Ciotti is attending Beckley College.
Ellsworth Kifer, Elva Loughner, Eleanor Evans and Flossie Frederick have entered into the holy bonds of matrimony.
Marcelles Croushore is a student nurse at Pittsburgh. Katherine Ash is a student nurse in Passavant Hospital in Pittsburgh. Madaline Radzevick is a student nurse at the St. Johns Hospital, Margaret Brosius and Velma Shotts are student nurses at the Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg.
Elvira Soles is a student at Duff's Business College in Pittsburgh.
Raymond Doerzbacher, Louis Casini, Arthur Probst, James Loughner, and Herbert Lewis are employed at the Window House.