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Fresno, CA High School Alumni 1908-1913 02

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Fresno, CA High School Alumni 1908-1913 02

The Class of '08
Bob Collins is now on his vineyard at Lone Star, and receiving congratulations upon a handsome new son.
Will Tupper is studying in San Francisco, where he is devoting his time to the law. Bill is a Chi Phi.
is in town again after an a year.

The Class of '09
Donald Webster has received his diploma from the Vanderbilt Medical College, Nashville, Tenn., and is now practicing medicine in San Francisco.
John Morgan has recently received his diploma from Vanderbilt Medical College, and is now a popular physician in San Diego.
Mrs. Cuyler Leonard (Ena De Yo) is in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and will return to Fresno in the fall.
Marjorie Harris is visiting friends and relatives in the East. She will be absent for almost a year.
Leota Marshall spent the past year in training at the St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco.
Alfred Becker is now a "married man," and living in San Francisco, where he is in the wholesale business.
Enid Higgins, who is loved by all, is still devoting her time to the routine work of Mr. Liddeke's office.
Margaret Kenyon, now Mrs. LeRoy Richards, is living in Coalinga.
Floyd Laning is ranching seven miles out of town.

The Class of '10
Mrs. Homer Rowell, nee Miss Eleanor Webster, is prominent in Fresno social activities.
Ann Tupper is a popular alumna who still makes Fresno her home.
Dorothy Noble is still one of our popular society maids.
We often meet Bess Hawes, with her sweet smile, which we are glad to see.
Claude Timmins is now in his Sophomore year at Stanford, where he is a popular member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.
Pearl Brooks spent the year at home, taking an active part in the winter social activities.
We frequently meet Edward Waterman speeding down the streets. He has lost none of his ardor for gasoline, a cycle car being his latest.
Hazel Fisher, now Mrs. Holland Mallett, is living in Bakersfield, where Mr. Mallett is a prominent business man.

The Class of '11
Lee Duncan is in business here.
Gail Hare is the successful manager of a vineyard near Orosi. His marriage to Doris Zieske was among last year's social happenings.
Margherita Beveridge, now Mrs. Gerald Thomas, lives in Fresno, and is very prominent in the social whirl.
James Barstow is doing good work at the University of California, where he is a popular member of the Chi Phi fraternity.
The marriage of Bernice Pierce to Ernest Miller of Visalia is one of Fresno's latest social functions. She is now enjoying a delightful trip abroad, where she will visit many of the most interesting points, returning in the fall to make Fresno her home.
Jeanie Beveridge is doing her third year's work in her course of training at the Merritt Hospital. Jeanie promises to be an unusually good nurse.
Earl Fenstermacher, who has made such a general success at college, we are proud to note was the "Owl's" former business manager. He is now business manager of the 1915 "Blue and Gold." He is in athletics and a member of the Delta Epsilon fraternity.
Bernice Olney is doing good work at the Fresno Normal School.
Howard Kavanagh is now working on his father's ranch at Calwa.
Mila Cearley is a universal favorite on