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Fresno, CA High School Alumni 1908-1913 03

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Fresno, CA High School Alumni 1908-1913 03

the University of California campus. She is a popular member of the Pi Phi sorority.
Dick Crawford is a student at Occidental College, prior to entering the firm of Crawford and Company, Fresno, where Dick intends to make his permanent home.
Harold McCourt is interested in a clothing store at Porterville, where he has been since leaving Fresno High. Harold still devotes a great deal of his time to music, and has organized a Porterville orchestra, of which he is the efficient director. No doubt but what it is a great success, as we all remember Harold's good work in the High School Orchestra.
Among those who graduate from the Fresno Normal School are : Nellie Huff, Molly McNeil, Mabel Prior, Alice Brown, Muriel Burton, and Bernice Olney.
After studying a business course at Heald's Business College, Bob Washburn returned to his forty-acre ranch east of town. In the early fall Bob expects to go East for six months on a business trip.
Anna Kieldsen remains at home, much to the delight of her many friends. .
Emma Bramblett is making Fresno her home, and devoting much of her time to music.
Reba Higgins is assisting Mr. McLane in the Fresno Normal School office.
Gertrude Cross, having finished her course at San Jose Normal, has entered the profession of teaching.
Ralph Rehorn is in his Sophomore year at U. C., where he is a popular member of the Chi Phi fraternity.
Lewis Archibald is on his father's ranch ten miles south of town.
Leslie Hilton holds a position with the Diamond Rubber Company in San Diego.
Ben Levy is in business with the Levy Bros. Realty Company.
Everett Hickman is his father's assistant in the office of County Treasurer.

Class of '12
Ralph Bissett is a "busy man" on his father's ranch just north of town.
Ray Prior spends a great part of his time on his father's ranch near town.
Kenneth Elmore has a position with the Pierce Lumber Company.
Paul Staniford, a student at Stanford University, had the signal honor of being elected editor of the Stanford "Quad." He is a member of the Press Club.
Alice Miller is another favorite who still makes Fresno her home.
Helen Eby has enjoyed life at home this winter.
Kessler Hammond spent the past year at U. C., where he enjoyed his Freshman work. He is a member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity.
Muriel Burton continued her work in the Normal this year, from which she will be one of the spring graduates.
Emma Brix is a popular student at Stanford.
Alice Brown will also be a spring graduate from the Normal.
Vivian Jones makes her home in Fresno.

Class of '13
Helen Tupper, the "Queen of Raisin Day," is a favorite at the Normal School.
Katharine Waterman is enjoying a year of rest at home with her family.
Ruth Glassford deserted the noise and bustle of the city for the quiet of country life. We are all sorry not to have Ruth with us.
Marguerite Kavanagh is enjoying life at her country home.
Sarah Strother is attending Junior College.
Camille Purdy likewise has taken up a Junior College course, and has been taking an active part in dramatics.
Zita Thomas is a popular member of the Junior College, now writing up the Junior College Notes for the "Owl."
Russell Simpson is in the Junior College.
Edna Ingels was a student at Pomono College this semester. She expects to enter college in the fall.
Hugo Sigmund has chosen Fresno for his home.
Wilbur McKay has been a student at the Belmont Military Academy during the past year.