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Avon, IL Community High School Alumni 1888-1927 02

Submitted by old yearbooks

Avon, IL Community High School Alumni 1888-1927 02

Alumni and what they were doing in 1928

CLASS OF 1898 (continued)
Ella Nance—Mrs. W. E. Mark Avon
Charles C. Perry—Music Store Grand Island, Nebraska
Frank Peterson—Deceased.
Myrtle Powell—Mrs. Enking, Clerk of District Court Gooding, Idaho
Louis Randall—Eastern Salesman Representative, Ross Lumber Carrier-Beloit, Wisconsin
Rachel Rea—Teacher 648 Chestnut Ave., Long Beach

CLASS OF 1899—J. R. Rowland, Supt.
Warren A. McElvaine— Supt. Concrete Construction -1346 Cotton Drive, Vancouver B. C.

CLASS OF 1900—J. R. Rowland, Supt.
Mattie L. Beeson—Mrs. Odell Hatch—Deceased.
Irma D. Cunningham—Mrs. Blaine Galesburg
Mary L. Hectorne—Mrs. Will King Cameron, Missouri
Henry C. Mauvais—Mechanic 274 Hotel Bristol, Boise, Idaho
Effie C. Murphy—Mrs. Rodgers—Deceased.
William A. Poole—Jeweler Box 570, Lake Worth, Florida
Inez McElvain—Mrs. M. R. Staggs Avon

CLASS OF 1901—J. R. Rowland, Supt.
Jessie B. Armstrong—Mrs. DeLong 710 W. 1st St., McCook, Neb.
Lloyd M. Crosswaite—Credit Mgr. Barker Bros
1506 Stratford Ave., So. Pasadena, California
Nellie Hodson—Mrs. Smith St. Augustine
Pearl Predmore—Mrs. Carl Peterson 1905 Chase Ave., Chicago
Maude Predmore—Mrs. R. W. Harrod Avon
Cora Perry—Mrs. Charles Hawk 408 N. Market St., Wooster, Ohio
Andrew W. Ray—Bank Cashier and Township Supervisor Avon
Mary E. Rise—Stenographer Laramie, Wyoming
M. Elmina Shinkel—At Home Bardolph
Mina E. Staggs—Mrs. Smyth Route 6, Yakima, Washington
Walter E. Yeoman—Mechanical Engraver 158 W. 176th St., New York, N. Y.
John C. Fowler—Transfer Box 619, Idaho Falls, Idaho

CLASS OF 1902—J. R. Rowland, Supt.
Margaret E. Blake—Mrs. Shelby Case Route 1, Farmington
Nellie C. Bliss—Mrs. Raymond Woodward—Deceased.
Lela M. Brinkerhoff—Mrs. G. A. McFarland Avon
Shelby Case—Farmer Route 1, Farmington
Blanche A. McFarland—Mrs. R. D. Keffer Avon
M. Grace Poole—Mrs. Lee Carr... Avon
Hulda A. Sand—Mrs. Welsh Route 1, Monmouth
Edith VanWinkle—Teacher Seattle, Washington
Frank J. Wennstrom—Tailor Gooding, Idaho
Laurence G. Yeoman—Farmer Avon

CLASS OF 1903—J. R. Rowland, Supt.
Fannie L. Carr—At Home Avon
Ethel Fennessy—Mrs. Stanley Manning 23 Capitol St., Augusta, Maine
Fairy H. Johnson—Mrs. Haines 1144 Garfield Ave., Pasadena, Calif.
Agnes Lowery—Mrs. Downard Kirkwood
Louise Ross—Mrs. L. G. Yeoman Avon
Anna M. Shinkel—Mrs. Frederick Asquith Bardolph
Artie Spurgeon—Mrs. Frank Ryan Route 1 Crookston, Minn.
Nora Spurgeon—Mrs. Giles Wingate Route 2, Sciota
Mahala Yeoman—Mrs. A. W. Ray Avon
Nina Yeoman—Mrs. Charles R. Holten 4303 Lowell Ave., Chicago