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Avon, IL Community High School Alumni 1888-1927 06

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Avon, IL Community High School Alumni 1888-1927 06

Alumni and what they were doing in 1928

CLASS OF 1923 (continued)
Maude Bell—Teacher 120 S. Euclid, Oak Park
Garland Drake—Mechanic 6027 Prairie Ave., Chicago
Eugene Wall—Painter Avon
Anna Gray—Asst. Dr. George Malley Galesburg
William L. Carroll—American Telephone and Telegraph Co La Grange
Dorothy Nessel—At Home Avon
Kenneth Sailer—Farmer Avon
Ruth Merrick—Post Office Employee Avon
Lynn Davis—Service—Supervisor, Graybar Electric Co 2031 Farnam, Davenport
Flora McCoy—Mrs. A. Thompson Oquawka
Darwin Dallefeld—Employee C. B. & Q Galesburg
William Corbin—Teacher Avon
Bernadine Mings—At Home Avon
Arbon Fullerton—Caster Abingdon

CLASS OF 1924—J. T. Reeve, Supt.
Henry Mauvais—Electrician Los Angeles, Calif.
Ronald Hectorne—Student, University of Ohio Columbus, Ohio
Faith Townsend—Student, Lombard College Galesburg
Glen Neice—Long Lines Dept., American Telephone and Telegraph Co La Grange
Eunice Hollister—Mrs. Ernest Heston 722 E. North St., Galesburg
Fern Jennings—Mrs. Cladene Ray Galesburg
Clarence Baker—Theatrical Supply Co Milwaukee, Wis.
Eula Nance—Teacher Avon
Dale Teach—Student, University of Illinois Champaign
Charles Stevens—Student, Knox College Galesburg
Edith Reed—Deceased.
Leroy Woods—Mgr. Stock Dept., Young Motor Co Avon
Corinne Yeoman—Mrs. Arbon Fullerton Abingdon
Lloyd Pool—Student, Knox College Galesburg
Louise Mark—Mrs. Paul Snowden 5734 Winthrop Ave., Chicago

CLASS OF 1925—J. T. Reeve, Supt.
Dolores Conkey—Mrs. Howard Butler—Teacher Avon
Raymond Bell—Student, University of Illinois Champaign
Jack R. Sundberg—Sundberg's Grocery Avon
Eugene Baker—Student, University of Illinois Champaign
Leroy Griffith—Deceased.
Donovan Myers—Carpenter Avon
Irene Mitchell—Mrs. Floyd Bivens Avon
Beatrice Anderson—Bookkeeper, Galesburg Roofing Co Galesburg
Bernice Mings—Mrs. Glen Alden Avon
Lucille Ross—Teacher Avon
Ercell J. Serven—Night Watchman Avon
Marvel Staggs—Telephone Operator Avon
Ada Swanson—Mrs. Garland Drake 6027 Prairie Ave., Chicago
Beatrice Speaker—College Student 54 N. Hatfield, Dayton, Ohio
Doris Hollister—Stenographer Streator
Kenneth Schrodt—Farmer Avon
Raymond Pattison—Farmer Avon
John R. Wall—Finisher—Acme Hardware Co Fort Worth, Texas
Clara E. Hutson—Doctor of Osteopathy Avon