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Avon, IL Community High School Alumni 1888-1927 07

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Avon, IL Community High School Alumni 1888-1927 07

Alumni and what they were doing in 1928

CLASS OF 1926—J. T. Reeve, Supt.
Vernon Ramer—Ass't. Cashier, Avon State Bank Avon
Helen Stice—Mrs. Elmer Smith Macomb
Willis M ummey—M echanic Monmouth
Mildred Raymond—Stenographer Galesburg
Elbert Capps—Farmer Avon
Cleta Bell—Mrs. Roy Loyd Avon
Raymond Simmons—Farmer Avon
Elizabeth Johnson—Mary Baldwin College Staunton, Va.
Lucile Cox—Teacher Avon
Corliss Powell—Employee, C. L. Hayes Office Avon
Lucile Tatman—Student, Lombard College Galesburg
Christine Mings Telford Avon
Arthur Griffith—Painter Avon
Virginia Carr—At Home Avon
Lucy Davis—Student, Lombard College Galesburg
Marie McFarland—Student, Western Ill. State College Macomb
Harold Ramer—Employee, Harrod's. Drug Store Avon
Olive Myers—Mrs. William Delahunt Box 147, Piggott, Ark.
Louise Wiegert—Greene's Law Office 527 W. Main St. Galesburg
Doris Serven—Traveling
Kenneth Alden—Farmer Avon
Bernice Rood—At Home Avon
Roberta Nessel—Student, Western Ill. State College Macomb
Leroy Mark—Student, University of Washington Seattle, Wash.

CLASS OF 1927—J. T. Reeve, Supt.
Wilbur Smith—Farmer Avon
Martha Crissey—Student, Lombard College Galesburg
Christine Bell—At Home Avon
Curtis Swanson—Blacksmith Avon
Albert Bell—Student, University of Illinois Champaign
Florence Davis—Brown's Business College Davenport
Forrest Corbin—Farmer Avon
Florence Fogarty—At Home St. Augustine
Henry O'Herron—O'Herron Motor Service Avon
Helen Keller—Student, Brown's Business College Galesburg
Howard Davis—Student, Lombard College Galesburg
Cecil Huffman—Farmer Swan Creek
Erma Babbitt—Student, Western Ill. State College Macomb
Ezra Huffman—Farmer Swan Creek
George Staggs—Farmer Avon
Myrtle Bull—At Home Avon
Edmond Van Winkle Avon