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Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 01

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Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 01

Alumni and what they were doing in 1931.

Class of 1905
Reed Lewis —Mining Engineer
Clyde Galbraith —Henry Ford Co.
Orin Douthett —Chemist
Leah Spence
Pearl Staaf —Mrs. Reppert
Ina Burry —Mrs. Park Martin

Class of 1906
Harvey Barto —Common Wealth Trust Co.
Fred Clark —Auto Trimmer
Clyde Graham —(Deceased).
Gustav Griesbach —Teacher of Elocution
Hazel Irvine —Mrs. Edward Weber
Verna Sutton —Mrs. H. B. Keister
Carrie Weigle —(Deceased).

Class of 1907
Henry McClure
Beulah Kline —Mrs. Lauffer
Alma Burry —Mrs. Alma Walker
Frances Ifft —Mrs. C. L. Spence
Elizabeth Peffer —Mrs. Charles Mossrush
Sara Eber —Mrs. Abbels

Class of 1908
C. Leland Spence —Standard Steel Car Co., Butler, Pa.
Victor Dambach —National Tube Co., Ellwood City, Pa.
Grace Irvine —Mrs. Grace Kline
Iva Markel —Mrs. Ralph Dambach
Ralph Fehl —Branch Manager, P. H. Butler Co.
Kyle Boyer —Garageman, Ellwood City, Pa.
Fred Wahl -Wahl Motor Co

Class of 1909
Walter Marburger —Teacher in Battle Creek School
Roscoe Kline —(Deceased).
Elmer Mickley —Edward Dambach Co.