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Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 03

Submitted by old yearbooks

Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 03

Alumni and what they were doing in 1931.

Class of 1914
Mary Rahiser —Edward Dambach Co.
Florence Wahl —Mrs. E. E. Lotz
Ethel Thomas —Mrs. W. E. McCullough
Emma Ifft —Teacher in Evans City School

Class of 1915
Charles Druschel —Farmer
Frank Lotz —National Tube Co., Ellwood City, Pa.
Ray Elliot —Surgical Dentist
Delmont Garvin —Branch Manager, Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.
LeVerne Ripper —Teacher in Birdville School
Katherine Hoffman -Mrs. Victor Nicklas
Nellie Rahiser —Mrs. W. Kaufman
Harold Henry
Catherine Nicklas —Mrs. Grossholz

Class of 1916
Bess Bowen —Mrs. Clair Brunermer.
Rachael Irwin —Mrs. J. S. Payne
Bertha Lotz —Mrs. Lawrence Burr
Esther Luntz —Valley News, Zelienople, Pa.
Ruth Mulholland —Mrs. Forrester
Lena Doss —Mrs. Fred Wahl
Alva Sutton —National Transit Co

Class of 1917
Mary Spence —Mrs. Frank Wahl
Ruth Irvine —Mrs. E. R. Downing
Lois Irwin —Mrs. Richardson
Mary Robertson —Mrs. Patterman
James Robertson —Mining Engineer
Dorothy Markel —Stenographer, Ph. B. & N. C. Railways Co.
Magdalene Hall —Mrs. William Fohley
Gladys Staples —Mrs. W. K. Knauff
Hazel Andrew —Stenographer
Alice Gaiser —Mrs. Frank Lotz
Bernard Zeman —Merchant
Paul Young —Civil Engineer
Reynolds Dombart -Butler County National Bank
Ernest Kinsey —Dentist