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Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 10

Submitted by old yearbooks

Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 10

Alumni and what they were doing in 1931.

Class of 1928 (continued)
Llewellya Nolsheim —Fort Wayne Indiana Bible School
Catherine Nolsheim —(Deceased).
Genevieve Nixon —Allegheny General Hospital
Elizabeth Peterson —Secretary Evans City School
Gertrude Peterson —Duff's Business College
Dale Ripper —Allegheny Steel Co.
Mildred Sproat —Stenographer
Kathryn Schoeffel —Stenographer
James Sharrar —Washington News Co.
Ruth Zeigler —Stenographer

Class of 1929
William Mickley —Thiel College
Harold Gregg —Second National Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Marjorie Sample —Grove City College
Gladys Burr
Dorothy Heasley
Sara Wilson —National Fireworks Co., Evans City
Rudolph Baer —Pennsylvania State College
Ruth Boyd —Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., Zelienople, Pa.
Paul Marburger —Farmer
Louise Croft —Slippery Rock State Teachers' College
Ross Kllne —B. & O. R. R. Co., Chicago, Ill.
Lila Fox
Dan Laderer —Grove City College
Ruthine Mlller —Westminister College
Leroy Marburger —Norton Dry Cleaning Co., Mars, Pa
Genevieve Mossrush —Slippery Rock State Teachers' College
Glenn Rowan —Grove City College
Eleanor Sample —Westminister College
Carmel Schiavo
Furman Swlsher —B. & O. R. R., Chicago, Ill.
Cecelia Spithaler
Kathryn Swanson —Private Secretary for Dr. E. D. Kinsey
Mary Jane Robinson —Mrs. George Burkert
Juliette Tennyson —Pittsburgh School of Accountancy
Lois Williams —Beautician
Oliver Young