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Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 02

Submitted by old yearbooks

Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 02

Alumni and what they were doing in 1927.

Farrell, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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CLASS 1904
Clepper, Frank—Architect, Cleveland, 0.
Harry, Florence—Married, Gas City. Ind.
Mrs. Albert Righy—Nee Grace Brauchle, Sharon, Pa.
CLASS 1905
Harry Geoffrey—Teacher, Gas City, Ind.
Mrs. Joseph Ingram—Nee Sara Hallis, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. McClary—Nee Ada Reilly, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Claud Rutter—Nee Sara Davis, Sharon, Pa.
Mrs. Chester Speis- Nee Edna Walters, Fort Worth, Texas.
CLASS 1906
Klein, David—Lawyer, Youngstown, 0.
McCreary, Joseph—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Fred Reyer—Nee Pearl Atwood, Sharon, Pa.
CLASS 1907
Mrs. Andrew Curry—Nee Ethel Weeter, Sharon. Pa.
Mrs. Roy Harris—Nee Edna Jones, Erie, Pa.
Lewis, Catherine—Secretary, Mercer, Pa.
Mrs. Harry May—Nee Anna Davis, Sharon, Pa.
Mrs. Samuel McCreary—Nee Sara Fern, Farrell, Pa.
Milan, Martha—Married, Youngstown, 0.
Mrs. John Richards—Nee Mable Davis, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Richard Richards—Nee Maizie Griffing, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thomas, Ethel—Actress, New York City.
CLASS 1909
Baird, William—Florist, Greenville, Pa.
Burnside, Mary—Deceased.
Lehr, John—Teacher, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pasher, Tillie—Deceased.
Mrs. Elvin Roberts—Nee Myrtle Jones, Columbus, 0.
Sage, Andrew--Engineer. Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1910
Mrs. William Broderick—Nee Elizabeth Heinze. Farrell, Pa.
Owens. Richard—Dentist. Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Emery Richards—Nee May Lewis. Farrell, Pa.
Sieg, Byron—Deceased.
Mrs. Milton Smith—Nee Anna V. Davis, Hawaii Islands.
CLASS 1911
Mrs. Steven Evans—Nee Mary Zuschlag, Youngstown, 0.
Mrs. Glenn Carruthers—Nee Mary Miller, Grove City, Pa.
Mrs. J. Hadley—Nee Juanita Green, Youngstown, 0.
Mrs. Mose Kennedy—Nee Bessie Spears, Youngstown, 0.
Kiss, Joseph—Lawyer. Cleveland, 0.
McGranahan, Charles—Master Mechanic, Belle Vernon. Pa.
Mizner, Ralph—Engineer, Philadelphia, Pa.
Sage, John—Engineer, Denver, Colo.
Shellenberger, Delmar—Dentist, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Frank Sherwood—Nee Charlotte White, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Mayme Swagger Nee Mayme Joyce, Deceased.
CLASS 1912
Mrs. Vesta Carton—Nee Vesta Bryan. Chicago. Ill.
Mrs. Charles Greenstone—Nee Lena Weiner, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Livingston—Nee Matilda Hostetter, Johnstown, Pa.
Kiss, Esther—Secretary. Cleveland. O
Mrs. Frederick Knapp—Nee Henrietta Allen, Sharon, Pa.
Livingood, Fred—College Professor. Chestertown, Md.
McHugh, Emmett—Engineer, Hamilton, Ont., Can.
Mrs. Robert Mehler—Nee Gertrude Heinze, Sharon, Pa.
Summerville, Carl—Doctor, Phillippine Islands.
CLASS 1913
Bovard, John—Manager Farrell Furniture & Supply Co., Farrell, Pa.
Davis, Myfawny—Deceased.
Frank Robert—Frank Candy Co., Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Charles Frankle—Nee Cecil Connor, Trenton, N. J.
Mitchell. Florence—Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. William Netre--Nee Myrtle Cain, Youngstown, 0.
Parsons, Harold--Killed in action.
Patton, Hazel—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Henry Schaller—Nee Lida Davis, Sharon, Pa.
Thomas, Jeane—Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1914
Mrs. George Bacon—Nee Beatrice Leinberger, Wheatland, Pa.
Burns, Celia—School Nurse. Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Harmon Beates—Nee Mae Bevelheimer, Warren, 0.
Broscoe, Joseph--Lawyer. Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Robert Boyd—Nee Beatrice Hunter, Farrell, Pa.
Connair, Catherine—Welfare Worker, Sharon, Pa.
Collins, Morris—Lawyer. Youngstown, 0.
Davis, Leonard—Druggist, Philadelphia, Pa.
Davis, Robert—A. S. & T. P. Co., Farrell, Pa.
Davis. Bessie—Deceased.
Francis, Emrys—University of Pittsburgh, Sharon, Pa.
Johns, Lawrence—Youngstown Tube Co., Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Komer--Nee Gladys Davis, Pittsburgh, Pa.
LaCamera, Joseph—Ohio State University, Farrell, Pa.
McHugh, Paul—Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
O'Hearn, Frances—Music Teacher, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Earl Woods--Nee Neola Bryan, Sewickley, Pa.
Mrs. Floyd Husband—Nee Helen Berryhill. Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Frederick Newton—Nee Laura Quarterson, Farrell. Pa.
Roudebush, Ivel—Teacher, Wheatland, Pa.
Scowden, Joseph—Automobile Dealer, Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1915
Armour, Gertrude—Principal Lincoln Building, Farrell, Pa.
Avril, Leon—Automobile Dealer, Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Robert Allen—Nee Ruth Eckles, Sharon, Pa.
Carbon, Mary—Deceased.
Mrs. Harold Carnes—Nee Edith Sayers, Farrell, Pa.
Franek, Michael—Colonial Trust Co., Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Robert Hanley—Nee Fannie Fern, Farrell, Pa.
Kiss, Anna—Truant Officer. Cleveland, 0.
Mrs. C. Kutcher—Nee Anna Spisak, Farrell, Pa.
Marks, Benjamin—Lawyer, Farrell, Pa.
Morgan, Sidney—A. S. & T. P. Co., New Castle, Pa.
O'Hearn, Veronica—Music Teacher, Rochester, N. Y.
Pandoffi, Fred—Ohio State University, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Dundak—Nee Mary Tinley, Baltimore, Md.
CLASS 1916
Brown, Elmer—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
Broscoe, Andrew—Merchant, Youngstown, 0.
Mrs. Joseph Bechtold—Nee Nellie Songer, Farrel,Pa.
Mrs. Dale Cole—Nee Georgia Miller, Sharon, Pa.
Mrs. William Cribbs—Nee Mildred Mizner, Denton. Texas.
Mrs. Donald Carnes—Nee Lucile Phillips. Los Angeles. Calif.
Kester. Marian—Deceased.
Kozar, William—Westinghouse, Farrell, Pa.
LaCamera, Frank—Doctor, Warren, 0.
Masquelier, Leon—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
McClusky, Nelson—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
Mitchell, Dorothy—Married, Polk, Pa.