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Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 03

Submitted by old yearbooks

Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 03

Alumni and what they were doing in 1927.

Farrell, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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Mrs. Ronald McIntyre—Nee Phyllis Pyle, Sharon, Pa.
Mrs. David Parry—Nee Margaret Hopkins, Sharon. Pa.
Schemer, Maurice—Dentist, Farrell, Pa.
Songer, Albert—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1917
Adler, Louis—Merchant, Los Angeles, Calif.
Buimovitz, Emanuel—Merchant, New York City.
Mrs. Lolyd Berber—Nee Emma May, Sharon, Pa.
Davis, Hayden—A. S. & T. P. Co, Farrell, Pa.
DeVassie, Glenn—Farmer, West Middlesex, Pa.
Mrs. Port Eckles—Nee Irene Athey, Homestead, Pa.
Mrs. Ewart Evans—Nee Isabella Miller, Los Angeles, Ca
Hamilla, Antinette—Nurse, Cleveland, Pa.
Mrs. Floyd Grace—Nee Rosanne Bryan. Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Edward Hoagland—Nee Meryl Pfeifer, Farrell, Pa.
Johnston, Frank--Post Office, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Meltzer—Nee Ruth Levison, Philadelphia. Pa.
Machuga, John—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell. Pa.
Marsteller, Carl— State Representative, Wheatland, Pa.
Moriniere, Harry--Post Office, Sharpsville, Pa.
Nathan, Harry—Lawyer, Cleveland, 0.
O'Brien, Mary—Stenographer, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Rouebush, Russell—Clerk. Wheatland, Pa.
Schermer, Milton—Merchant, Sharon, Pa.
Schlesinger, Armin—Deceased.
Schlesinger, Rosa—High School Teacher. Hurley, Wis.
Siegelman, Harry—Merchant, Los Angeles, Calif.
Skuse, Ivy—Post Office, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. H. Knappenberger- Nee Ruth Smith, Sugar Grove, Pa.
Terpack, Michael —Electrician, Farrell, Pa.
Thomas, Mrs. William—Nee Adeline Davis, Los Angeles, Calif.
Lentz, Esther—High School Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1918
Mrs. Charles Adams—Nee Mildred Armour, West Middlesex, Pa.
Mrs. G. Austen--Nee Esther Lewis, Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Mrs. R. W. DeArmitt—Nee Ethel Owens, Sharon, Pa.
Mrs. Herbert Bowen—Nee Marion Evans, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. David Davis—Nee Ruth Bowen, Woodlawn, Pa.
Davis, Anderson—Penna. Railroad Co., Farrell. Pa.
Day, Joseph—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Eldery, Steven—Salesman, Cleveland, 0.
Fisher, Elmer—Clerk, Sharon, Pa.
Mrs. Chester Hepler—Nee Margaret Gregory, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Leyshon—Nee Evelyn Phillips, Los Angeles, Calif.
McCallen, David—A. S. & T. P. Co., Wheatland, Pa.
McClusky, Merle—Farmer, West Middlesex, Pa.
Shields, Edward—Post Office. Farrell, Pa.
Skuse, Ralph—Post Office, Farrell. Pa.
Tortoreti, Thomas—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1919
Adler, Samuel—Lawyer, Hollywood, Calif.
Broscoe, Anna—Stenographer, Farrell. Pa.
Connair, John—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Albert Bastide—Nee Stella Teilhet, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Addi Carroll—Nee Gladys Lonwell, LeRoy, N. Y.
Dunham, Myrna—Emerson College, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Hayden Davis—Nee Phylis Turner, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Thomas Evans—Nee Bessie Evans, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Elmer Hyle—Nee Mary Bovard, Farrell. Pa.
Hepler, Clifford—Dentist. Philadelphia. Pa.
Johnston, Estella—Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
Konnerth, John--Carnegie Tech, Farrell, Pa.
Kozar, John—Clerk. Farrell. Pa.
Kress, Frank—Druggist, Hollywood, Calif.
CLASS 1919
Mrs. John Monaco—Nee Rose LaCamera, Sharon, Pa.
Markovitz, Max—Druggist, Farrell, Pa.
O'Brien, Joseph—Dentist, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Harold Rumbel—Nee Marie Bowen, Sharon, Pa.
Rosenblum, Rose—Clerk Erie Railroad. Farrell, Pa.
Rumbel, Harold—Dentist, Sharon, Pa.
Sage, Helen—High School Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
Sayers, Samuel—Merchant, Miami. Fla.
Schell, Homer--Councilman, Merchant, Farrell, Pa.
Schell, Martin—High School Teacher, McKeesport, Pa.
Schilling, Doris—Teacher, Wheatland, Pa.
Van Naten, Wilhelm--Merchant. New York City.
CLASS 1920
Bullock. Eva—At Home, Farrell, Pa.
Carroll, Addie--Teacher, LeRoy. N. Y.
Collechi, Elvira—Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Grandtz, Uldine--Stenographer. Sharon, Pa.
Goldstein, Marguerite—Deceased.
Grande, Lucy—Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
Gross, Benjamin—Merchant. Chicago. Ill.
Johns, Myrtilla—High School Librarian. Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Averd Johnson—Nee Mary Fulford, Wheatland, Pa.
McHugh. Robert—Westinghouse, Farrell, Pa.
Miller, Kingsley—College, New Orleans. La.
Morris, Glen—University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Neiman, David—Lawyer, Cleveland. 0.
Pannuto, Felix—Automobile Mechanic. Detroit, Mich.
Phillips, Earl—Contractor, Los Angeles, Calif.
Mrs. George Ray—Nee Amelia McKinney, Farrell. Pa.
Rosenberg, Irwin—University of Pennsylvania. Farrell. Pa.
Sabo, Margaret—Taylor Co., Cleveland, 0.
Sarcinnella, Felix—University of Pittsburgh, Farrell, Pa.
Scardina, Dominick—Musician. Farrell, Pa.
Schlesinger, Clara—Chemist. Chicago. Ill.
Mrs. Martin Schell—Nee April Baker, McKeesport, Pa.
Mrs. B. Shaffer--Nee Gertrude Forbes, Farrell, Pa.
Sobel, Jack—Druggist. Farrell. Pa.
Sinclair, Helen—Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Weiner, Anna—High School Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
CLASS 1921
Bhe, Herbert—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Broscoe, Helen--Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Ray Bowen—Nee Pearl Langrehe, Sharon. Pa
Chiccarino, Samuel—Ohio State University. Farrell, Pa.
Christman, Robert—Insurance Agent, Farrell, Pa
Coneze, Tony—Barber,Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Harry Coulson Nee Grace Lyons, Welch. W. Va.
Crivello, Edward—Barber, Farrell, Pa.
DeBrakaleer, Roy—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Danessa, Clara—Colonial Trust Co.. Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Pearl Edmundson—Nee Pearl Phillips, Utica N. Y.
Esposito, Arthur—Insurance Agent. Farrell, Pa.
Gatzy, John—Penn State College, Farrell, Pa.
Jarrett, Fred—University of Michigan, Farrell, Pa.
Johnson, Willie Mae—At Home. Wheatland, Pa.
Kyle, Julia—At Home, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. J. C. Kellogg—Nee Ruth Mixer, Union City, Pa.
LaCamera, Isabelle—Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Laurell, Jack--Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Leyshon, Florence—Teacher, Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Harry Mason—Nee Irene Hazelitt, Baltimore. Md.
Neely, Joseph—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Papp, Gertrude—Westinghouse, Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Merel Robinson—Nee Merel Phillips, Farrell. Pa.
Mrs. Jack Walsh—Nee Minnie Krisselbrink, Youngstown, 0.
Mrs. John Russ—Nee Constance Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa.
Rosenblum, Minnie—Teacher, Farrell, Pa.