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Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 05

Submitted by old yearbooks

Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 05

Alumni and what they were doing in 1927.

Farrell, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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Lucas, Julia-Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Luckey, Thelma-Teacher. Farrell, Pa.
Lyons, James-Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Maltle, Rebecca-Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Joseph Metz-Nee Alice Davis, Wheatland, Pa.
Meyers, Yetta-Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Monks, Doris-Teacher, Farrell, Pa.
Moriniere, Louis-Temple University. Farrell, Pa.
Moskovitz, Mildred-University of Illinois, Farrell, Pa.
Munro, Anna-Westminster College. Farrell, Pa.
Neely, Lee-Carnegie Steel Co.. Farrell. Pa.
Palko, Mike-Westinghouse Draftsman, Farrell, Pa.
Pasher, Marie-Bookkeeper, Farrell, Pa.
Purdie, Maude-Edinboro State Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Moodey, Florence-College. Farrell, Pa.
Ramey, Wilford-Standard Hotel Sharon, Farrell, Pa.
Ramey, Gertrude-Pittsburgh, Pa.
Read, Florence-Teacher. Farrell, Pa.
Rio, Carl-A. S. & T. P. Co.. Farrell, Pa.
Rosenblum. Belle-Musician. Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Remaley, Edith-Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Sabo, Gertrude-Indiana State Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Sage, Margaret-Carnegie Tech. Farrell, Pa.
Schell, Florence-Teacher. Farrell, Pa.
Shields, Frances-University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Shilling, Harry-Colonial Trust Co., Sharon, Pa.
Smiley, Eva--Westinghouse. Farrell, Pa.
Smith, Bessie-Teacher, Brookfield, Pa.
Thomas, William-Westminster College, Farrell, Pa.
Wachter, George-Accountant. Farrell, Pa.
Walker, Edward--Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
White, William-Slippery Rock Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Williams, Cleopatra-Married. New York City.
Williams, James-Westinghouse. Wheatland, Pa.
Wilson, Christine-Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Wilson, Fred--Penn State College. Farrell, Pa.
Poling, Thomas Wade-Deceased.
CLASS 1925
Ackerman, Walter--University of Pittsburgh, Sharon, Pa.
Arkwright, Florence-Slippery Rock Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Bauer, Anton, Jr.-Carnegie Tech. Farrell, Pa.
Berkovitz, Harry-University of Pittsburgh. Farrell, Pa.
Beharry, Anna-Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Bobby, Emma--Western Reserve. Farrell, Pa.
Brunet, Lucien-Clerk, Farrell. Pa.
Burns, Jeanette-Teacher. Wheatland, Pa.
Carine, Marv-Edinboro State Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Chernisky. Anna-Slippery Rock Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Cochran, Twila-Grove City College. Farrell, Pa.
Colecchi, John -Musician, Farrell. Pa.
Craig, Augusta-Stenographer. Wheatland, Pa.
Craig, Natlela-- Stenographer. Wheatland, Pa.
Chiccarino, John-Ohio State University. Farrell, Pa.
Cousintine, Louise-Sharon Herald, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Dill-Nee Jeane Jamison Farrell, Pa.
Day, Josephine-Westminster College. Farrell, Pa.
Dondero, Mildred-Western Reserve. Cleveland, 0.
Edwards John-Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Freebie, Mary-Grove City Colelge. Farrell, Pa.
Greenbaum, Rose-Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Griffith, Gladys-Slippery Rock Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Gagliardo. William-Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Coffey, Charles- Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Hassell--Nee Margaret Weller. Sharon, Pa.
Hetra, Anna-Edinboro State Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Hitchings, Alyce-Teacher, Farrell. Pa.
Johns, Margaret-Edinboro State Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Johnston, John --Machinist. Farrell, Pa.
Kozar, Mollie -- Nurse. White Plains, N. Y.
Mrs. Adolph Loble-Nee Beulah Klein. Farrell, Pa.
Luca, Victoria-Westminster College, Farrell, Pa.
Lineberger, Mildred-At Home. Wheatland. Pa.
Mahle, Elizabeth--Teacher, Sheakleyville, Pa. Ninety-eight
Markovitz, Hilda-Edinboro State Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Martin, Joseph-Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Mastrionnia, Tony--Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Miller, Mildred-Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Monaco, Ida--Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Morocco, Rose-New Rochelle College. Farrell, Pa
Muntean, Andrew-Grove City College. Farrell, Pa
Moses, Joseph-Grove City College, Farrell, Pa.
Nugent, Ida-Slippery Rock Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Nolan, Carroll-Crove City College- Farrell, Pa.
Pritchard. Margaret-Nurse. Wheatland, Pa.
Pintar, William-Clerk, Farrell. Pa.
Reese, Margaret-Teacher, Wheatland. Pa.
Sarcinella, John-University of Pittsburgh, Farrell, Pa.
Stahl, Benjamin-Lyric Theater, Oil City, Pa.
Smith, George-Farmer. West Middlesex, Pa.
Schmidt, John-Clerk, Farrell. Pa.
Skase, Myrtle -Edinboro State Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Eugene Songer-Nee Katherine Moore. Farrell, Pa.
Uber, Howard-Clerk. Sharon, Pa.
Pollard, Luella-Westminster College, Wheatland. Pa.
CLASS 1926
Abraham, Edith-Stenographer. Youngstown. 0.
Ackerman, Florence-Clerk, Sharon, Pa.
Armour, Donald-Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Banish, George-A. S. & W. Co.. Farrell. Pa.
Berger, Calara--Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Bernard, Andrew- Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
Bianco, Rose-Indiana State Normal, Farrell, Fa.
Bobby, Albert-Contractor, Farrell, Pa.
Bogdan, George- Steel Hoop, Farrell, Pa.
Burprick, Freda-Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Bleier, Edward-Westinghouse Office, Farrell, Pa.
Cantelupe, Margaret-Mercy Hurst College. Farrell, Pa.
Carine, James--Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Carroll, Charles--Sharon Steep Hoop. Wheatland, Pa.
Chesmar, Peter-Beckley College. West Middlesex, Pa.
Chrobak, Helen--State Norcal School. Detroit, Mich.
Crivello, Marie-At Home, Farrell. Pa.
Csatlos. Paul-Westinghouse. Farrell. Pa.
Canine, Joseph-Contractor, Farrell, Pa,
Cevick, Olga-Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Danessa, Mary-Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Davis, Mary-Slippery Rock Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Davis, Ruth-Edinboro State Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Duncan, Vistor Westinghouse, Farrell, Pa.
Epstein, Walter-Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Frankovich, Frank-Westinghouse, Farrell, Pa.
Garfunkel, Helen-At Home, Farrell, Pa.
Geletka, Joseph-Sharon Steel Hoop. Farrell, Pa.
Gojdics, Elias-Westinghouse. Farrell. Pa.
Gottschalk, Glenn-P. & 0. Electric Co., Farrell, Pa.
Grande, Frank-A. S. & T. P. Co.. Farrell. Pa.
Gray, Ermissa-Music Teacher. Farrell, Pa.
Griffith, Alice-Indiana State Normal, Farrell, Pa
Mrs. Harshman-Nee Helen Lansdowne, West Middlesex, Pa.
Hayes, Hazel-Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Henderson, George-A. S. & T. P. Co.. Farrell. Pa.
Henning, Margaret-Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Housman, Harry-Westinghouse. Farrell. Pa.
Husband, Gwendolyn-Clerk, Farrell. Pa.
Hunter, David-Carpenter. Farrell, Pa.
James, Leo- Machinist. Farrell, Pa.
Kabakov. Samuel--Carnegie Tech, Farrell, Pa.
Kerr, Charles-Grove- City College, Farrell, Pa.
Kerr, Mae Bell-Beckley College. Farrell, Pa.
Klein, Johanna-Slippery Rock Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Mrs. Michael Ligner-Nee Mary Gunesch, Farrell, Pa.
Lacy, Terene-At Home, Farrell. Pa.
Lawrence, Eben-Westinghouse. Farrell, Pa.
Lewis, Myrtle-At Home. Farrell, Pa.
Mack, Margaret- -Westinghouse Office. Farrell, Pa.
Mackey, John-Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
Mambuca, Theressa-At Home. Farrell, Pa.
Martino, Joseph--Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
McCallen, Margaret-Westinghouse, Farrell, Pa.
Meizlik, Bernard-Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Meyers, Allen-Colonial Trust Co. Farrell, Pa.