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Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 06

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Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926 06

Alumni and what they were doing in 1927.

Farrell, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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Miller, Robert W.—Carnegie Steel Co., Farrell, Pa.
Miller, Robert—Colonial Trust Co., Farrell, Pa.
Morar, Elizabeth—Colonial Trust Co.. Farrell. Pa.
Moskovitz, Paul—University of Illinois. Farrell. Pa.
Moriniere, Harriette—Sharon Business College, Farrell, Pa.
Newman, Ethel—Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Newton, Stanley—Carnegie Steel Co. Farrell, Pa.
Pascone, Alice—Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Pilch, Helen--Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Prossor, Ruth—Business College. Youngstown, 0.
Rakoci, Mary—Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Ranallo, Guy—A. S. & 'I'. P. Co., Farrell, Pa.
Rosenberg, Anita—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Rosenblum, Myrtle--Slippery Rock Normal, Farrell, Pa.
Ruby, Anna—Post Graduate Student. Farrell, Pa.
Russo, Dominic—Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Russo, Albert—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Sabo, Edmund—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Sarcinella, Mildred—Slippery Rock Normal, Farrell Pa.
Scardino, James—Clerk. Farrell, Pa.
Schell, Grace—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Schlessinger, Helen—Westinghouse Office, Farrell, Pa.
Shaffer, Margaret—Slippery Rock Normal. Farrell, Pa.
Short, Edna May—Westminster College. Wheatland, Pa.
Smith, Edith—At Home, Farrell, Pa.
Smith, Grace—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Smith, Paul—University of Pennsylvania, Farrell, Pa.
Senger, Francis—Bricklayer. Farrell, Pa.
Spisak, Katherine—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Stewart, Hazel—Stenographer. Farrell, Pa.
Stillstrom, Margaret—Peoples Bank. Farrell, Pa.
Strizzi, John—Musician, Farrell, Pa.
Schonberger, Edward--Clerk, New York City.
Thompson, Warren—Clerk, Farrell, Pa.
Tolatzko, Sara—Teachers' Training School, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Torma, John—Clerk, Farrell. Pa.
Tortoretti, Madeline—Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.
Tortoretti, Pauline—Sharon Herald, Farrell, Pa.
Turchan, Michael—Automobile Mechanic, Detroit, Mich.
Wiley, Gladys—Married, Cleveland, 0.
Zoldan, Benjamin—Jewelers' College, Chicago, Ill.
Zoldan, Freda—Stenographer, Farrell, Pa.