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Holstein, IA High School Alumni 1893-1923 Page 02

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Holstein, IA High School Alumni 1893-1923 Page 02

Alumni and where they were in 1924.

Class of 1905 - continued
John Schippmann, Manager of Stock and Dye Co., Chicago, Ill. Arthur Bertelsen, President of First State Bank, Holstein, Iowa.
Class of 1906
Mary Calhoun-Bilby, Albe, So. Dak. Anna Mentzer, Holstein, Iowa. Mamie Mentzer, Holstein, Iowa. Alfred Paustian, Manager of Knitting Co., Rockford, Ill. Julie Rauch-Marks, Lake Park, Iowa. Alice Wents-Phillips, Ida Grove, Iowa.
Class of 1907
Henry Bartell, Mitchell, So. Dak. Oscar Buettner, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Grace Harvey-Grosvenor, Decatur, Neb. Paul Jess, deceased. Ervin Kranz, Lumber business, Omaha, Nebr. Ella Lohff, Rural teacher, Holstein, Iowa. Herman Meier, Dentist, Bloomfield, Neb. Ray Norton, Manager of Flour Mill, Elgin, Ill. Leo Winter, Manager of Bell Telephone Chicago, Ill. Daisy Rennfeldt-Bleasdell, Early, Iowa.
Class of 1908
Frank Burns, Bookkeeper, Los Angeles, Cal. Edith Cizek-Merkley, Los Angeles, Cal. Blanch Gearhart, Lake City, Iowa. Albert Lohff, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Mary McCutcheon-Cary, Winterset, Joy Milbourn-Kelsay, Tulsa, Okla.
Class of 1909
Kathryn Cartensen-Slater, Isanti, Minn. Austin Henyan, Auto Salesman, Manchester, Iowa. Clare Jatho-Ewoldt, Holstein, Iowa. Irene Kranz-Chrischillis, Algona, Iowa. William Lohff, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Annetta Stelch-Keefe Marcus, Iowa. Harriet Stewart-Hawn, Holstein. Iowa. Albert Thode, Working at Lumber camp, Lintlaw, Sask., Canada.
Class of 1910
Maurice Galvin, Attorney, Cherokee, Ia. Ruth McGuire, Physician, Chicago, Ill. Alfred Knuth, Farmer, Elkton, So. Dak. Ina Schroeppel, Teacher, Schaller, Iowa. Bertha Stoltenberg-Banham, Baltimore, Md. Edna Thode-Voelker, Oklahoma City, Okla. Grace Winter-Dorothy, Ute, Iowa.
Class of 1911
Phil Burns, Attorney, Los Angeles, Cal. Ray Galvin, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Walter Meier, Dentist, Orange City, Ia. Josie Sindt-Stricker, Holstein, Iowa. William Watters, Farmer, Holstein, Ia.
Class of 1912
Carl Wohlenberg, Banker, Holstein, Ia. Minnie Freesman-Kitterman, Schaller, Iowa. Viola Giese, Teacher at Blencoe, Holstein, Iowa. Susan Nelson-Hansen, Schaller, Iowa.
Class of 1913
Muriel Wulf-Turner, Evans, Iowa. Iva Garmer-Wesfall, Boise City, Idaho. Bernice Greve-Hansen, Holstein, Iowa. Arthur Hansen, Hardware Store Business, Holstein, Iowa. Zoa McGuire-Murphy Dubuque, Iowa. Ruby Thompson-Adams, Alta, Iowa. Harriette Knuth, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa.

Alumni Roster from the 1924 Moo Yearbook of Holstein High School

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