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Indiana, PA High School 1938-39 Faculty and Staff Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on September 26, 2009 - 1:03am


Indiana, PA High School 1938-39 Faculty and Staff


Faculty (and probably in the photograph): Marion Bath, Clair Borland, Laura Buterbaugh, Harry Canfield, Charlotte Chapman, Alice Clements, Melinda Detwiler, David Dunmire, Marie Farr, Alice Graffius, Gertrude Handler, Helen Hersperger, Pearl Hoagland, George Hill, Ward Johnson, Lambert Joseph, Evelyn Judson, Sara Kelly, Norman King, Russel Leech, Robert Lintzinger, Frances Lutz, Harold Lutz, Catherine McClure, Mary McGregor, Ferne McHenry, James McKelvey, Paul Mechlin, Gladys Moorhead, James Nix, Eugene Pounds, Lisle Reed, Margaret Rees, Dr. Charles Rink, Carroll Rupp, Joseph Shane, Paul Smay, William Smith, Zetta Sourwine, James Stoner, Lenora Sutter, Anna Mary Thomas, Marion Trowbridge, Ralph Widdowson, Sara Wiley, William Wilt.

Possibly some of these Commercial Student Teachers are in the photograph, as well: George Allison, Charles Anderson, William Davis, Deloris DeSantis, Mary Handler, John Jones, Harriet Wright, James Borland, Mildred Howe, Helen Pezzuti, Thomas Reed, Robert Reynolds, Rocco Romeo, Gustie Rura, Ivan Schneck, Charles Slick, Raymond Weamer.

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