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New Castle, PA Shenango High School 1938 Football Team Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on April 24, 2010 - 1:44am


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On the team (and probably in the photograph): Ted Adamczyk, Bill Bogle, Howard Currie - captain, Norman Currie, Walter Cwynar, Bob Denny, James Donley, Richard Donley, Walter Druschel, John Dudash, Elmer Dudash, Raymond Fredericks, Jack Hanna, Walter Hoover, Nick Hordig, Arthur Kline, Bill Latham, Steve Lysko, Bob Marks, Carl McIltrot, Jack Montgomery, Carl Mooney, James Newton, Vito Pallerino, John Peluso, Mike Petro, Francis Pitzer, Paul Shaffer.

Coach - Frank Nocera, Manager - Saad Spott, Asst. Manager - Lewis Kaiser