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Lancaster Co., PA East Lampeter Twp High School Classes of 1914-1919

Alumni and where they were in 1930.


Clara Laushey Shearer --Lancaster, Pa. --Housewife
Clara Diem Hamp --Lambertville, N. J. --Housewife
Irene Hershey Landis --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Housewife
Elizabeth Paxon --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5
Esther Kreider --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Teacher
Harry G. Miller --Atlanta, Georgia --Journalist
Paul Lefever --Witmer, Pa. --State Highway Dept.
Paul Herr --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Painter
Enos Witmer --Philadelphia, Pa.--Prof. of Physics at U. of P.


Helen Umble --37 S. Ann St., Lancaster, Pa. --Librarian
Rebecca Leaman --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Teacher
Katherine Leaman --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Hamilton Watch Co.
Anna Herr Bowers --Lancaster, Pa. --Housewife
Lettie Denlinger --Witmer, Pa. --At Home
Minerva Steffy Hackman --Drexel Hill, Pa. --Housewife
Hattie Witmer Gehman --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Housewife
Leon Buckwalter --Paradise, Pa. --Banker
John Witmer --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Ursinus College
Harold Sheaffer --Trenton, N. J. --Painter
Charles Troop --Witmer, Pa.
Harry Neff --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Cotton Mill
Homer Neuhauser --Soudersburg, Pa. --Mechanic
William Stehman --New Providence, Pa., No. 1 --Farmer
Ivan Leaman --Lancaster, Pa --Grocer
Martha Denlinger Hershey --Paradise, Pa. --Housewife


Elma Landis Harnish --New Danville, Pa. --Housewife
Miriam Kreider --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Teacher
Joseph Gibbons --Columbia, Pa. --Silk Weaver
Aaron Flowery --Lancaster, Pa. --Electrician
Martin Diller --Intercourse, Pa. --Electrician
Ada Witmer --Lancaster, Pa. --Invalid


Miriam Groff Neuhauser --Soudersburg, Pa. --Housewife
Elizabeth Groff Shreiner --Lititz, Pa., R. D. --Housewife
Eunice Neuhauser --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Stenographer
Mabel Wiker Shearer --Lancaster, Pa. --Housewife
Bess Miller Jacobs --Gordonville, Pa. --Housewife
Nellie Morrin --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Stenographer
Esther Hively --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Stenographer
Anna Buckwalter Leibfreid --Mariva, Pa. --Housewife
Luetta Lefever --Lancaster, Pa. --Stehli Silk Mill
Mabel Howery Nolt --Mascot, Pa. --Housewife
Arlene Walker Kauffman --Lancaster, Pa --Housewife
Helen Houghton Nutwell --Washington, D. C. --Housewife
Emma Ressler Overcash Hampden --Sidney, Va. --Housewife
Roy Good --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Auto Salesman
Elvin Kreider --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Farmer
Susannah Kreider --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Nurse


Henrietta Smith Leaman --Lancaster, Pa. --Housewife
Helen Hoffecker --Ronks, Pa. --Nurse
Mary Herr Fisher --Soudersburg, Pa. --Housewife
Edna Witmer --Lancaster, Pa. --At Home
Robert Leaman --Lancaster, Pa. --Painter
Earl Wiker --Gordonville, Pa. --Farmer
Lee Brenner --Witmer, Pa. --State Highway Dept.
Dorothy Groff Worst --Intercourse, Pa. --Housewife

Alumni Roster from the 1930 El Dorado Yearbook

Lancaster, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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