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Lancaster Co., PA East Lampeter Twp High School Classes of 1920-1924

Alumni and where they were in 1930.


Elsie Landis --Mechanicsburg, Pa. --Teacher
Anna Denlinger Snavely --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Housewife
Anna Groff Landis --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Housewife
Erma Cosner Lutz --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Teacher
Mary Denlinger McCarty --New Holland, Pa. --Housewife
Benjamin Spence --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Miller
A lvon Leaman --Lancaster, Pa. --Grocer
John Kreider --Witmer, Pa. --Herr & Co.

CLASS OF 1921.

Loretta Miller Geiges --Upper Darby, Pa. --Housewife
Ruth Lefever Graybill --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Housewife
Edith Mellinger Metzger --Manheim, Pa. --Housewife
Mabel Appler Hershey --Seaside Heights, N. J. --Housewife
Elva Leaman Spence --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Housewife
Ella Steffy Breidenstine --Soudersburg, Pa. --Housewife
Elizabeth L. Heller --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Teacher
Pauline M. Witmer --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Teacher
Miriam Houghton Bean --Ronks, Pa. --Housewife
Ezra Buckwalter --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Painter
A. Roy Landis --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Farmer
Marvin Weaver --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Florist
John Landis --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Truck Driver
George Smith --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Lumber Dealer


Esther Leaman --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Nurse
Emma Johe --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Stenographer
Mabel Doner --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Stenographer
Mildred Good --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Teacher
Edith Kauffman Beamesderfer --Penryn, Pa. --Housewife
Miriam Herr Landis --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Housewife
Margaret Cosner Beard --Manheim, Pa., No 5 --Teacher
Clarence Burkholder --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Painter


Esther Spence --Harrisburg --Nurse
Emma Glass --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Teacher
Elizabeth Buckwalter Rineer --Lancaster, Pa. --Housewife
Virgil Meck --Smoketown, Pa., --Penn. Bus. College
Harvey Heller --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Teacher
Robert Hoffecker --Ronks, Pa. --Clerk in Store


Aldus Burkholder --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Clerk
Maurice Overly --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --F & M. College
Sherman Stetler --Lancaster, Pa. --Georgia Tech.
Clarence Ranck --Western States --Aviation
Elmer Denlinger --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Hamilton Watch Factory
Rhoda Herr --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Teacher
Mary Grace Lewis --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Florist
Mary Cosner --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Stenographer
Miriam Kreider Lawrence --Witmer, Pa. Housewife
Myrtle Latschar --Witmer, Pa. --Music Teacher
Elsie Rohrer Herr --Housewife

Alumni Roster from the 1930 El Dorado Yearbook

Lancaster, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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