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Lancaster Co., PA East Lampeter Twp High School Classes of 1925-1929

Alumni and where they were in 1930.


Frank Weaver --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --State College
Catherine Mower --Lancaster, Pa. No. 6 --Teacher
Emma Mower --Lancaster, Pa. No. 6 --Stenographer
Beryl Eisenberger --Lancaster, Pa. No. 6 --At Home
Kathryn Landis --Lancaster, Pa. No. 6 --Teacher
Emma Landis --Lancaster, Pa. No 6 --At Home
Clyde Heller --Lancaster, Pa. No. 5 --Farmer
Florence Herr --Bird-in-Hand, Pa., No. 1 --State Highway Dept.
Anna Herr --Bird-in-Hand, Pa., No. 1 --At Home
Mary Mancuso --Ronks, Pa. --Stenographer
Reba Leaman --Ronks, Pa. --Seed Co.
Carl Houghton --Philadelphia, Pa. --Electrician
Clyde Weinhold --Soudersburg, Pa. --Normal School
Lyte Kraatz --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Freight Station
Beatrice Whitesides --Smoketown, Pa. --Stehli Silk Mill
Issac Tshudy --Smoketown, Pa. --Armstrong Cork Co.
Daniel Kreider --Witmer, Pa. --Traveling
Mildred Whiteside --Witmer, Pa. --Hamilton Watch Factory
Pauline Rohrer --Witmer, Pa. --Franklin Sewing Room
Anna Wenzel --Witmer, Pa. --Hamilton Watch Factory


Evelyn Eby --Lancaster, Pa. --Nurse
Dorothy Wilson --Witmer, Pa. --Hamilton Watch Factory
Ralph Good --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Farmer
Ella Lefever --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Stenographer
Bertha Nonnenmocher Harnish --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Housewife
Mary Benard --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --At Home


Evelyn Glass --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --At Home
Marian Kreider --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --At Home
Forrest Glass --Lancaster, Pa., No. 5 --Farmer
Tedford Weaver --Witmer, Pa. --Rider College
Earl Weaver --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Mechanic


Harold Weaver --Ronks, Pa., No. 1 --Florist
Ruth Weaver --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Training
Melvin Barge --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Farmer
Elinor Harsh --Soudersburg, Pa. --Librarian
Rusell Herr --North Shippen St., Lancaster, Pa. --Telephone
Donald Esbenshade --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --Capitol Theatre
Luella Leaman --Intercourse, Pa. --Elizabethtown College
Ella Kreider --Bird-in-Hand, Pa --At Home
George Overly --Bird-in-Hand, Pa. --F. & M. College
Mary Houck --Lancaster, Pa., No. 6 --Normal School
Levi Wenger --Bird-in-Hand, Pa., No. 1 --F. & M. College
Ruth Miller --Ronks, Pa. --At Home

Alumni Roster from the 1930 El Dorado Yearbook

Lancaster, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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