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Chester, PA Swarthmore College Class of 1889 Graduation

Swarthmore Commencement

CHESTER, Pa., June 18.—The seventeenth annual commencement of Swarthmore College took place today at Swarthmore. There was a large attendance of friends of the institution present.

The graduating class numbered eighteen, and the following degrees were conferred:

Bachelor of Arts—A. J. Cummins, Jr., of Smyrna, Del.; Ralph Stone, of Wilmington, Del.; Ralph Stone, of Wilmington, Del.; J. Caroll Hays, of Westchester, Pa.; Mary Kirk, of Lumber City, Pa.; Alice S. Palmer, of Westchester, Pa.; Louella Passmore, of Oxford, Pa., and Margaret J. Lawrie, of Jericho, N. Y.

Bachelor of Letters—Clara Haydock, of New York city; Elsie D. Stoner, of Columbia, Pa.

Bachelor of Science—Julia Hicks, Old Westbury, N.Y.; Frederic B. Pyle, of London Grove, Pa.; Jennie F. Waddington, of Salem, New Jersey.

Bachelor of Engineering—Justin K. Anderson, of Conway, Fla.; Edward A. Dill, of Richmond, Ind.; Horace B. Forman, Jr., of New York city; Ellis M. Harvey, of Ward, Pa.; George Masters, of Philadelphia; Willis N. Vail, of Quakertown, N. J.

President Magill conferred the degrees and the closing address to the class was made by Joseph Wharton, of Philadelphia, president of the board of directors.

Sun, Baltimore, MD 19 Jun 1889