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Tipton, IN High School Classes of 1903-1905

Tipton High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.

Class of 1903
Parke Mehlig, Denver, Col.
Fred Ayres, Indianapolis, Ind.
Fannie Fouch-Hurd, Elwood, Ind.
Olen Huron. salesman. Columbus, O.
Orville Butner, army.
Myrtle Newlon-Essington, Noblesville, Ind.
Charles Lee, government service.
Charles Bates, restaurant, Tipton, Ind.
Ethel Reed-Schutkofke, Granite City, Ill.
Ethel Gilchrist-Cove, Marion, Ind.
Cleveland Pape, salesman, Chicago, Ill.
Charles Kemp, lawyer, Tipton, Ind..

Class of 1904
Vallie Moore, at home, Tipton, Ind.
Lulu Kirtley-Clark, Jonesboro, Ind.
Grace Dillon-Pence, Indianapolis, Ind.
Walter Dickey, Denver, Col.
'Morton Haas, government service.
Katie Deakyne, Tipton, Ind.
Harry Adams, L. E. & W., Decatur, Ill.
Carl Burkhardt, minister, Lexington, Mo.
Omer Colby, Indianapolis, Ind.
Walter Kemp, government service.
Myrtle Aldridge-Messmore, Tipton, Ind.
Florence Rosenthal-Smith, Fargo, N. D,
Ralph Gleason, U. T. Co., Kokomo, Ind.
Bessie Mahan-Staats, deceased.

Class of 1905
W. Guy Craig, Indianapolis, Ind.
George Hamilton, Tipton, Ind., R. R.
Oren Zehner, Indian River City, Fla.
Bertha Moore-Rice, Coshocton, O.
Mayme Reed, Tipton, Ind.
Otto Hughes, prin. H. S., Southport, Ind.
Blanche Ryker, teacher, Kokomo, Ind.
Murrel Moore-Foster. Tipton, Ind.
Guy VanBuskirk.
George Off, farmer, Sharpsville, Ind.
Beatrice Ryker-Campbell, Goldsmith, Ind. Ethel Sowers.
Maude Moore-Purvis, Tipton, Ind.
Delcie Huckstep-Duncan, Sharpsville, Ind.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Tipton High School.