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Colfax, WA High School Class of 1923 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on September 22, 2009 - 12:56am


Colfax, Washington High School Class of 1923


In the class (and probably in the photograph): Peter Koch, Melvina Middaugh, Henry Schierman, Julia Litzenberger, Alma Litzenberger, Lucile Organ, Edna Baker, Miriam Riggs, Maurice Elliott, James Sibert, Justin Roulet, Robert Foster, Cecil Brown, Ralph Parker, Gladys VanTine, Dale Warren, Francis Schreiber, Elva Hughey, Gladys Stovall, Alice Wynn, Vera Burlingame, Ester Anderson, Kenneth Bageant, Grace Brock, Wright Baylor, Frances Faires, Ralph Campbell, Vivian Urness, Herman Strauss, Charence Arrasmith, America Baker, Faye Wilhelm, Velma Bageant, Lenora Harvey, Marion Troy, Vivian Troy, Mary Sherfey, John Poffenroth, Joe Bensel, Pauline Daubert, Elizabeth Gerlitz, John Elliott, Samuel Lloyd, Leo Evans, Ruth Wyatt, Kenneth Ripley, Fred Little

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