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School Board & Pupils

Earl Fite, Teacher
G. E. Bell, Co. Superintendent

School Board

Edward Foltz, President

J. W. Robertson, Clerk
O. J. Grunder
Frank Wymer
Frank Leyda
Edward Casper

Carl Ackelson
Kenneth Crowl
James Booth
Elizabeth Booth
Joe Ferry
Filimon Ferry
Jessie Henderson
Eva Johnson
Helton Johnson
Lloyd Reed
Abraham Reed
Helen Simodi
Mary Summers
Clarance Taylor
Walter Totten
Mary Totten
Albert Totten
Charles Ackelson
Luke Booth
Eugene Booth
Veleapes Ferry
Tony Ferry
Earl Heckman
Gordon Neville
George Johnson
Marie Johnson
Royal Reed
Arthur Reed
Edward Summers
Charles Taylor
Dorothy Thompson
Kenneth Totten
Carl Totten
Warren Trussle

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