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Elizabeth Grinnell, Martha Ellen Shull, Jean Wyant, Avery L. Wheeling, Ivan Vincent, John Szracsnyek, Thela Sutley, Charlotte Strayer, James Steen, Helen Smith

Freda Smith, Archie Sliter, Nellie Sinco Twila Shoey, Evelyn Richards, Edward Poly, Alwilda Porter, Claire Nodler, Janet Nelson, Harry Naramore, Ellis Murdoch

Rynd Mook, John Laush, Louise Klingensmith, Thomas Johnston, Enangeline Jewell, Bery Hill, Winifred Heath, Dorothy Hart, Kenneth Hall, Edward Gustafson, Robert George

Russell Freyermuth, Beulah Cutshall, Elotta Cotterman, Elizabeth Corll, Ruth Colton, Donald Chatley, Hildred Chaney, Mae Bradway, Raymond Bauer, Russell Haily

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