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Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1928 03

Submitted by old yearbooks

Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1928 03

Mary Rahiser
Florence Wahl - Mrs. E. E. Lotz
Ethel Thomas - Mrs. W. E. McCullough
Emma Ifft

Charles Drushel
Frank Lotz
Ray Elliot
Delmont Garvin
La Verne Ripper
Catherine Nicklas - Mrs. Grossholz
Katherine Hoffman - Mrs. Katherine Nicklas
Nellie Rahiser - Mrs. William Kaufman
Harold Henry

Bess Bowen - Mrs. Clair Bruenermer
Rachel Irwin - Mrs. J. S. Rayne
Bertha Lotz - Mrs. Lawrence Burr
Esther Luntz
Ruth Mulholland - Mrs. Forrester
Lena Ross - Mrs. Fred Wahl
Alva Sutton

Mary Spence - Mrs. Frank Wahl
Ruth Irvine - Mrs E. R. Downing
Lois Irwin - Mrs. Dr. Richardson
Mary Robertson - Mrs. Peterman
James Robertson
Dorothy Markel
Magdalene Hall - Mrs. William Fohley
Gladys Staples - Mrs. W. K. Knauff
Hazel Andrews
Alice Gaiser - Mrs. Frank Lotz
Bernard Zeman
Paul Young
Reynolds Dombart
Ernest Kinsey

Louis Ripper
Mary Markel

Roster from the 1929 Yearbook of Evans City High School