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Fitchburg, MA State Normal School 1925 Football Team Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on July 4, 2010 - 1:28am


State Normal School, Fitchburg, MA 1925 Football Team


In the photograph: Coach Fitzgerald, Mr. C. Blair McLean, Mr. Henry J. Clancy, Mr. Willis Burton Anthony, Lester P. Roy, Philip Gerald Cashman, Clarence Rabouin, Shirley Elwood Bohaker, Forrest, Wilkinson, Donald B. Stone, Stewart Morton Scott, Connaghty, Burt, Anderson, Wilfred Miller, Thomas Matthew O'Horo, Charles A. Gorman, James Martin Kiley, Thomas Carrigan, Lester Joseph Dyer, George P. Haley, James Collins Dolan, Lewis I. Brodsky, Francis Regis Roache, Austin Joseph O'Toole