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Amherst, MA Stockbridge School of Agriculture Class of 1930

The Graduates

The members of the graduating class:--

Mary Beaumont of Saxonville
Floretta T. B. Brainard of West Springfield
Katherine T. Fox of Cambridge
Helen Gottfried of Tryon, N.C.
Elizabeth Sherman of North Marshfield
Agnes Tamm of Astoria, N.Y.
William H. Arnott of Fitchburg
William W. Avery of East Kingston, N.H.
Harold F. Bailey of Dalton
Richard C. Barr of Worcester
Charles Y. Booker of Westport, Ct.
Edgar S. Bolles of Monument Beach
Eugene S. Brooklings of West Newton
Ralph L. Broan of Portsmouth, N.H.
George E. Burkhardt of Cannan, Pa.
John S. Bryon of Hadley
John J. Carlon of Northampton
Richard B. Caswell of Lakeville
Richard P. Chardwick of West Boxford
Samuel Chapin of East Longmeadow
Joseph R. Cleary of Lynn
Herman Couture of Somerville
Joseph H. Coyle of Somerville
Elmer M. Crockett of Rookport, Me.
James H and Thomas E. Curran of Danvers
Arthur J. Cutrumbes of Dracut
Charles H. Derby of Paxton
Everett T. Dimock of Oxford
Joseph D. Donnis of Westhampton
Francis Doucette of East Braintree
William J. Eva of Amherst
Norman S. Felch of Salisbury
Nelson B. Fox of Lowell
Joseph L. Goduti of Somerville
Arvo Hahhinen of Gardner
Herbert F. Haley of Orange
Francis E. Hart of Hanover
Winston Hartley of Waltham
Judson W. Hastings of Agawam
Summer W. Hebblethwaite of Islington
Jason H. Hill of North Brookfield
Chester W. Holt of Georgetown
Alfred T. Jubenville of Gardner
Edwin E. Keene of Roslindale
Richard M. Kinsman of Middleboro
Meredith F. Knight of Westhampton
Nathan Lassman of Haverhill
Richard H. Lee of Northampton
Philip J. Lewis of Athol
Arne V. Liukas of Gardner
Allen W. Lynn of Brockton
Hugh R. McGibbon of Northfield, Vt.
Robert J. Mann of Worcester
William E. Messier of North Adams
Edwin Milligan of South Groveland
Earle B. Mosher of Worcester
Samuel L. McCoy of Roxbury
Alan S. McGrath of Dedham
Francis J. O'Grady of Milford
Arne E. Oksanen of Fitchburg
Allen W. Palmer of Braintree
Charles R. Peabody of Gorham, N.H.
Arthur N. Phelon of Granville
Norman B. Quick of West Springfield
Barney Rafkin of Brockton
Howard L. Rich of Athol
Harold R. Rindge of Palmer
Clinton S. Roberts of Bristol, Ct.
Leroy L. Rounsville of Middleboro
Joseph P. Schwartz of Revere
Alfred J. Shats of West Hanover
Alfred W. Smith of Northampton
Donald H. Stone of Shrewsbury
Edmund F. Taylor of Amesbury
Richard H. Tracy of Windsor, Vt.
Keith H. Wilcox of Port Leyden, N.Y.
Ernest H. Worthington of Dalton
Henry V. Zimmerman of Auburn
Joseph V. Ziemek of Amherst
James D. Fleming of Ashland, N.H. the latter of the class of 1929.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 10 Jun 1930