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Easthampton, MA Williston School Class of 1900 Graduation


Gov. Crane Could Not be Present—Grand Stand for Athletic Field Assured—The Prizes.

The pleasant weather and the interest resulting form a successful year has brought many parents and friends of students to Easthampton to attend the exercises of commencement. The visitors and townspeople filled the Payson church at the exercises of commencement day in the afternoon and evening of yesterday. In the afternoon the commencement program proper, with the orations of graduates, was given as follows:

Music by Warner’s orchestra
prayer by Rev. S. G. Wood
oration, "Wireless telegraphy," Carlton T. Bishop of Avon, Ct.
oration, "The South African war," Robert S. Hill of Easthampton
oration, "The Voyage of the Fram," Ora A. Clark of Wallace, Kan.
oration, "Two queens," James C. Moore of West Stockbridge
oration, "Alexander the Great," Robert F. Wood of Easthampton
oration, "The abandoned New England Farm," Raymond T. Hill of North Branford, Ct.
oration, "Acetylene gas," Chester T. Cobb of Easthampton
oration, "Cicero and Demosthenes, " Gordon G. Newell of Granby
oration, "Dwight L. Moody and Robert Ingersoll," Robert D. Eggleston of Meriden, Ct.
oration, "Expansion and Imperialism," Thomas H. Kirkland of Indian Orchard
oration, "Joan of Arc., with valedictory, Edward A. Rice of South Deerfield
presentation of the gift from the class to the school by Joseph F. Nutting of Ludlow
response, Prof H. M. Tyler of the board of trustees
announcement of prizes, Principal Sawyer
presentation of diplomas by the principal
prayer, Rev. C. H. Hamlin

The orations were listened to with interest and pleasure, both because of the elocutionary skill displayed and the evidence of thoughtful preparation. In presenting the diplomas, Principal Sawyer gave a parting word of wise admonition and good-will to the graduates. The gift to the school, which was received with a happily expressed response by Prof. H. M. Tyler on behalf of the trustees was a plaster statue of the Venus de Milo.
A prize of $23, known as the G. F. Kennedy prize, is given for the best oration of seniors' day, and this prize was awarded to Gordon Gerald Newell of Granby, the subject of whose oration was "Cicero and Demosthenes." The judges were F. C. Overton of New York, Dr. Jesse W. Hearst of Philadelphia and Rev. W. I. Shattuck of Easthampton.

Other prize awards were announced as follows:
E. H. Sawyer, prizes of $20 and $15 for excellence on the classical side of the school, awarded to Raymond T. Hill of North Branford, Ct., first prize, and Robert F. Wood of Easthampton, second prize: J. C. Hammond, prizes of $20 and $20 and $15 for excellence on the scientific side of the school, awarded to Carleton T. Bishop of Avon, Ct., first prize, and Frank G. Cox of Holyoke, second prize:
C. D. Kennedy, prizes of $20 and $15 for excellence in mathematics, awarded to Albert Childs of Deerfield, first prize, and Donald Bruce of Easthampton, second prize.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 19 Jun 1900