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Hatfield, MA Center School Eighth Grade Graduation 1954



Hatfield, June 12.—Twenty-one will be graduated from Center School eighth grade Tuesday at 1:30 in Town Hall. Honor students who will speak are Eleanor Olsey, Thomas Smith, Louise Bucala, Patricia Tobacco, Barbara Stenglein and Dorothy Saydlowski. Other graduates:

Nancy Brown
Joseph Bye
Robert Cernak
Richard Byrne
Dianne Flouton
Patricia Harubin
Clarence Klekoi
Rose Kovalski
Robert Laprise
Cynthia Omasta
Richard Proulx
Ronald Punska
Patricia Sikorski
David Southard
kathleen Zagrodnik

Program had been directed by Mrs. Dorothy Breor, eighth grade teacher, and music will be by grades 6, 7 and 8 under direction of Miss Maude E. Boyle, supervisor of music. Mrs. Theresa M. Godin, librarian at Hatfield Public Library, will present library awards; Principal Raymond N. Jenness will present penmanship awards, and Supt. John C. Jakobek will award diplomas.

Springfield Union, Springfield, MA 13 Jun 1954