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Monson, MA High School Graduation 1900


The Year's Work at the Academy Reviewed.

The graduation exercises at Monson will occupy the attention of the people of that town this forenoon, and the alumni dinner will be an even greater attraction. A very large number of tickets for the dinner has been sold. It is expected to be the best attended of any in the history of the association. Public examinations were held at the academy yesterday, and the class day exercises took place upon the campus last evening. The ivy was planted at the gymnasium and the members of the class appreciate the distinction of planting the first ivy at this building. The order of exercises was as follows:

Class prophecy, Miss Bessie Taylor and Frank McGuire
statistics, Miss Grace Locke
will, Arthur Mooers
presentation, Miss Mable Crocker
ivy essay, Miss Florence King
history, Zerfea Bumstead
sermon, Edward Sutcliffe

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 19 Jun 1900