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Rawlins, WY High School Alumni Roster 1899-1923 05

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Rawlins, WY High School Alumni Roster 1899-1923 05

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Opal Allen Mrs. Bill West, Rawlins, Wyoming
Fritz Anderson Rawlins, Wyoming
Billie Clifford Rawlins, Wyoming
Nellie Cohagan Rawlins, Wyoming
Lottie Coulson Mrs. Frank Mattas, Rawlins, Wyoming
George Edwards University of Southern California
Catherine France Mrs. Thomas Groves, Long Beach, California
John Larsen Rawlins, Wyoming
Dale Magor Long Beach, California
Philip Mahoney Notre Dame
Elmer Nielsen Cullen Corn., Rawlins, Wyoming
James O'Donnell Rawlins, Wyoming
Pat O'Melia Clerk Post Office, Rawlins, Wyoming
Louis Schilt University of Wyoming
Dorothy Zingsheim California
Dorothy Yerxa Attending Nurses' School at Boston, Massachusetts
Clara Stevens Attending State Normal School at Ellensbury, Washington
Norma Meason Teaching
Mary Marsh Attending Normal School at Bellingham, Washington
Arnold Larsen Rawlings, Wyoming
William Hobbs Manager of Illinois Pipe Line Co., Basin, Wyoming
Morene Kuykendall Mrs. Harold Chamberlain, Rawlins, Wyoming

Edna Anderson Stenographer, Rawlins, Wyoming
Elizabeth Anderson Rawlins, Wyoming
Harry S. Anderson University of Wyoming
Kim Breitenstein Rawlins, Wyoming
Ferne Christensen Stenographer, Rawlins, Wyoming
Harold Close University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
Charlotte Draper Berkeley University, Berkeley, California
Fonitta Hansen Bookkeeper, Rawlins, Wyoming
Corinne Kinnaman University of Wyoming
Cecil Johnson Rawlins, Wyoming
Raymond Larsen University of Nebraska
Ava Mclnturff Mrs. Bill McAllister, Rawlins, Wyoming
Nellie Murphy Bookkeeper, Rawlins, Wyoming
Virgil Patrick University of California, Berkeley, California
Warren Potts University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Lillian Strandberg Mrs. James Measures, Rawlins, Wyoming

Frances Bible University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Margaret Blydenburgh University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming
Edward Cantlin McFarland Grocery, Rawlins, Wyoming
Mary Faye Martinez Electric, Rawlins, Wyoming
Jeanne Kelly Credit Exchange Office, Rawlins, Wyoming
Malva Larsen University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming
William Loomis Notre Dame
James Mahoney Notre Dame
Mildred Nielson J. C. Penny Co., Rawlins, Wyoming
Ted O'Melia University of Wyoming
Oswald Seaverson University of Wyoming
Reynold Seaverson University of Wyoming