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Jeannette, PA High School Alumni Notes 1927-1928 03

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Jeannette, PA High School Alumni Notes 1927-1928 03

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Class of 1928

Theodore Witalis, Wayne Patterson, Andrew Bober and Wesley Felmley attend the University of Pittsburgh.
Thelma Lessig attends Seton Hill College. Russel Chilcote attends Allegheny College. William Trescher is enrolled at Franklin and Marshall College. Estella Santner attends Clarion Normal and Inez Hazlett is enrolled at the McKeesport Normal Training School.
William Landis is employed at the Landis Printing Company.
Harold Donaldson works at the McKee Glass Company ; Millard Sowash works in his father's store at Manor and Andrew Hofer works for his father.
Mary and Sara Walton are working in their father's Tea Room. George Bessinger is working in Detroit.
Irma Henry is working at Troutman's in Greensburg ; Michael Koontz is at the H. C. Gilbert Ranch, Big Springs, Nebraska.
John Trombetta is working for his father who is a contractor here in Jeannette.
Robert Salsy is employed in a Merchandise Concern in West Virginia. Leona Bartholmy is employed as a bookkeeper at Aaron's.