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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 02

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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 02

1908-1912 Alumni and what they were doing in 1913.


1. Walter Doolittle—Class play, football; graduated from W. S. C. in 1912. Teaching in Departmental school at Colfax, Washington. Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.
2. Floyd Smith—Student at W. S. C.; member of stock judging team of that College; member of A. T. O. Frat; member of class play of '08; football player.
3. Elsie Renfrew nee MacKenzie—Debater and declaimer; member of class play; treasurer of class; married, living in Colfax, and an excellent housekeeper.
4. George Meany—Star athlete of class of '08; member of class play; sergeant at arms of class; student at U. of W., years 1909 and 1910; present time, student at W. S. C.; assistant boxing instructor of said institution.
5. Allen Lacey—Track man; member of class play and literary artist. Graduated from U. of W. in 1912, and at present time member of staff of Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer and attending Seattle Business College in his spare time. Lacey considers accepting an offer in President Wilson's cabinet in the near future.
6. Pearl Seigle--Member of class play; at present time is running a millinery store in Oakesdale, and will gladly make a present of any hat in stock to future wedded alumni.
7. Archie Kirkland—Football star and track man; attended W. S. C. three years where he learned the art of fighting on the gridiron of that institution, and such training has made him an expert in the hazardous undertaking he is at present time engaged in fighting bulls in Mexico.
8. Cora Kennedy—Member of Class play; taught in Whitman county one term; at present time is teaching school in Booksville, Florida.
9. Roberta Newman--Member of class play, and declaimer. Is now assistant statistician in County Clerk's office, working in conjunction with Young Deputy Clerk Lacey. Here's hoping.
10. Rolla Hill—Vice president of class; member of track team, and an orator. Attended Whitman and graduated from that institution in the year 1912. Played a little basketball at said institution. At present time teaching at Fairbanks. Intends taking a medical course in an eastern college in the very near future.
11. Walter Strickler—President of class; member of class play; football and track man; a debater and orator. Attended Whitman in the year 1909; won a home with a society belle of Colfax; settled down and is now running his father's farm.
12. Belle Boyd—Member of class play; declaimer. Teaching school somewhere in Idaho, we know not where. Belle's toll at the knell of parting day and the school kids slowly wind their homeward way.
13. Kate Ryan—Secretary of class; an orator, debater and declaimer of ability; member of class play; made a hit before the footlights of W. S. C., but decided that was not the proper vocation so eloped with somebody and galloped off to far-away Alberta, Canada. Good luck, Kate.
Class of 1909.
1. Lillian Hale—Member of class play; attended W. S. C. a short time, then was a student of Blair Business College, and at present time is at home near Steptoe on the old homestead.
2. Winifred Walmer—Member of class play; a student and a persuasive talker. Attended W. S. C., where she joined the Pi Delta Phi Sorority; at present time is teaching school at Wallowa, Oregon.
3. Philip Howard—Football player; member of class play; vice president of class. Is attending W. S. C., specializing in the duties of a professional gentleman, and soon hopes to be a real "Doc."
4. Ada McCaw—Student. Is married and living at Rosalia. Everybody's doing it, Ada, except the boys, and they can't. Good for you.