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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 03

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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 03

1908-1912 Alumni and what they were doing in 1913.

Class of 1909

5. Joe Urbin—Joe has gained fame as a violinist and scientist in the metropolis of the west—Chicago, thus fulfilling the predictions of his many friends of his school days.
6. Bert Hargrave—Class president; member of football and track teams, and member of class play. Attended U. of W. where he was a member of the track team and a member of the A. T. 0. Fraternity. Father Hargrave decided that he was getting too well educated in other lines than study, and is at present time under his father's wing in the abstract and insurance business in this city. Will stay home short time.
7. Helen Walters—Member of class play; an orator and declaimer and debater, and treasurer of class; entered Whitman in 1909; spent one year there. Attended W. S. C. the following year, and at present time is a member of the class of 1913 of the U. of California. She is a member of a number of societies at said school.
8. Ruth DePledge—Secretary of class; member of class play; an orator, declaimer and valedictorian of class; entered Whitman in 1909; entered U. of W. in fall, from which institution she graduated in the year 1913; member of Kappa Alpha Thea Sorority. At present is teaching in the Departmental school of Colfax and studying law after school hours, preparing herself for—well we do not like to tell.
9. Burch Thompson—Member of track, football, baseball and basketball teams; member of class play. Burch is at present time a member of the Board of Directors of the Farmers State Bank of this city and a Local Agent of J. Pierpont Morgan. Expects to leave for New York City in the very near future. Burch will be able to give a fine home to some good girl in a year or two, and here's long prosperity to the combination.
10. Tony Rosenkranz--Tony was too easy going to get out for Athletics, but was an artist along literary lines, and thereby earned his way into W. S. C. where he is at the present time, a member of the class of mining engineering.
11. Gladys MacKenzie—Debater, orator, and member of class play. Is now a member of the Spokane Fire Department, wherein she builds fires, roasts over fires and is general chief adviser to her husband. Gladys extends the glad hand to all grads of C. H. S. to visit her while in Spokane. She promises a good time and much knowledge to any that will give her a minute of their spare moments. She is an expert around the house.
12. Ethel Green—Modest Ethel. At the present. time Ethel is managing a large department store in this city, where she is always ready to lend a helping hand in the uplifting of undergrads in their present predicament of earning their sheep-skins.
13. Ernest Ellis—Member of class play, football and track teams; entered W. S. C. in the year 1909, where he enrolled as pharmacy student; graduated; worked over the western part of the United States in various drug stores and at the present time is running his father's ranch near Mockonema.
14. Frank Nelson—Bashful Frank. Member of class play, and adviser to physic sharks. Attended W. S. C. a couple of years where he learned enough of running a ranch to be able at the present time to assist his father in scientifically raising pigs, sheep, buffalo, etc.
15. Joe Harter—Last, but aways and afar the largest, especially physically, "Cap" Joe Harter, member of football, track teams; member of class play; sergeant at arms of class; first member of C. H. S. to captain a college team. All-northwest guard for two years; a member of the Phi Epsilon Fraternity of W. S. C. and at last reports, expects to graduate in a couple or three years if he can keep away from the girls. Joe expects to teach in some huge departmental school, after graduation, either along athletic or agricultural lines.

Class of 1910.

1. Willie White—Little Willie was a plugging student and a busy athlete. Was a miner near Wallace for a short time; too hard for him so skipped to Spokane and lives an easy life at present time. Class play.