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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 04

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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 04

1908-1912 Alumni and what they were doing in 1913.

Class of 1910

2. Roland Bainton—Valedictorian, debater and orator; sculptor and artist; entered Whitman in 1910, where he is a member of the debating team and an ardent enthusiast of all college activities. Expects to follow in his father's footsteps. Class play.
3. Hattie Bakala—Great fusser. Attended Blair Business College where she learned the art of pounding the Underwood and Remington to such a pronounced success that she is at present time assistant to the Vice President of the powerful Colfax National Bank of this city.
4. Maud Bentley—Declaimer and orator; member of class play; at present time is learning photography and becoming acquainted with fancy lines and shadings of her chosen profession. She will take a snap¬shot or 44-shot at you for nothing if you will go up and call on her. Member of class play.
5. Viola Bodine—Declaimer and debater; member of class play. A heart breaker. Attended Lewiston Normal and prepared herself along the lines that would most likely appeal to her older pupils when she started teaching near Snohoo, Idaho.
6. Florence Codd—Orator with a big T; a diligent student, and member of class play. This class played "Little Woman" for the annual production, and this handsome maid was the prize chick. Teaching somewhere in the woody forests of this wooded county.
7. Gertrude Cress—A delicious name—a timid girl, studious and befriending someone somewhere in this great broad world. We know naught but the holiest memories of this pleasant little friend.
8. Bessie Ferguson—Salutatorian; student; debater. Attended Bryn Mawr after graduation for a year or two, then transferred her affections to Stanford, where she is enrolled at the present time.
9. Eva Kuhn—Member of class play, rooter and great fusser. Spent a year in New York and surrounding territory criticising fashions, and looking for an affinity. Living in Colfax at present time with parents, and occasionally takes part in musicals along which line she is at her best.
10. Bertha Nelson—Debater; intellectual monstrosity; member of class play. Is married, keeping house after her duties with certain organizations have been completed—"business before pleasure" is Bertha's motto. Bertha Patterson is an envied schoolmate.
11. Frank Newman—Deep voiced Frank entered W. S. C. after graduation, where he is pursuing an A. B. course. Frank was an adept at pursuing anything.
12. Vita Kincaid nee Organ—Class play; musician and student. Is living at present time on a farm near Colfax.
13. Harley Sain—After graduation attended Blair Business College, and garnered enough facts therefrom to handle the penmanship and bookkeeping end of a scientifically managed farm; said arts are necessary for successful manipulation of the hereditaments thereunto belonging.
14. Gertrude Strickler—Class play; debater and declaimer. Friend of Geese Howard's. Attended W. S. C. one year. Living with parents on Colfax's boulevard at the present time.
15. Helen Troy—She was leading lady of the class play, was this romantic Helen of Troy. Was assistant bookkeeper of the Great Eastern Department store for short time; afterwards attended Blair Business College, and at this writing is J. N. Pickrell's chief assistant and finder of his law books.
16. Hazel Walmer—Class play; declaimer; was stenographer for Carley s Roller Mills for short time, and is now bookkeeper and stenog¬rapher for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company at their Colfax office.
17. Helen Walmer—Was a luminous star on the intellectual hori¬zon; class play; attended Blair Business College for a term and at present time is stenographer for Hanna & Hanna, lawyers of this city.
18. Harold Windus—Zeke was an excellent musician; class play; attended W. S. C. for a period or two, and is now treating enthusiastic audiences to bits of Chopin, Mendelossohn and other famous artists.
19. John Wilson—Football player; class play. Johnnie skipped off somewhere and was so glad to get out of the country, we know not the reason fair madam, that he has not even notified her of his whereabouts.