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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 05

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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 05

1908-1912 Alumni and what they were doing in 1913.

Class of 1911.

1. Ernest Arrasmith—Mechanical genius; football and track. In Republic manufacturing air compressors.
2. Aline Browder—Valedictorian; class play and debater. Is attending Berkeley where she is mixed up in class activities and is a member of a Sorority.
3. Leon Ettinger—Orator; musician; class play; football, and a little track; attending Berkeley. Leon writes that he is getting along as well as could be expected.
4. A. Goff—Athlete and good fellow. Art is attending W. S. C. where he has made good in all athletic lines. Art won his "W" the first year in college. Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity of that College.
5. Edgar Roberts—Student; class play. Is an A-1 rancher and intends following that line, under his father's tutelage. Living on a ranch near Cashup at the present time.
6. Selma Hunter—Student; class play and debater. Is living in Colfax at present but from all indications will not remain here for long.
7. Horace Kincaid—Football and track; clown; tumbler; class play. Studied dentistry with his brother in Republic for a year, but decided that he was cut out for the squab business and is now raising pigeons and chickens out in the suburbs of Colfax.
8. Margaret Crumbaker—Declaimer and debater; class play. Margaret was always an ardent booster of good cooking, and is now practicing on all kinds of flour and other culinary instruments, in order to handle that end of the harvesting business for her father next summer.
9. Fred Hargrave—Football, track and gymnasium shark; member of class play; worked for Warren Construction Co. on paving contract in Colfax a short time and worked for same company in Seattle the fol¬lowing year. Will enter University of Wisconsin this fall.
10. Lillian McAmis—Student; class play; and now teaching near Elberton.
11. Langdon King-Football and track; class play; joined the ranks of the benedicts after leaving high school. At present time is managing Poteet's candy factory in this city and tells us he is making an excellent living.
12. Winifred Windus—Debater and declaimer; class play; musician; attended W. S. C. for two years where she was prominent in dramatics. Joined the Alpha Delta Phi Sorority.
13. Will Hart—Football and track; class play; gymnasium. Worked for short time in Colfax National Bank; is now in Seattle attending Business College and working for Pacific Telephone Co.

Class of 1912.

1. Wiliene Ellis—Class play; fusser; secretary of class. Is Lippitt's prize department clerk; owns the Bungalow theatre in this city. Willene will make good in more lines than one.
2. Bernice Slate—Class play; valedictorian; working in Lippitt's department store at the present time; a trusted and efficient helper.
3. Naomi Morley—Class play; jollier; attending U. of I. where she is an ardent follower of all college activities. Expects to start a private school for girls after graduation.
4. Bessie Ells-Since leaving H. S. has been her father's chief assistant on their large ranch near this city. High school is a great place for other matters than athletics.
5. Mary Wyman—Salutatorian; declaimer; class play; musician. After leaving high school secured a position teaching in one of the numerous suburbs of this Expansive City. Mary knows how to cook, play the piano, wheedle children into minding,—but stop, this is no matrimonial bureau.