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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 06

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Colfax, WA High School Alumni 1908-1912 06

1908-1912 Alumni and what they were doing in 1913.

Class of 1912

7. Pearl Nelson—Class play; student. Attending Whitman College at present time and is taking an active part in debating and dramatic work.
8. Fred Fuller—One of the few manly boys in this class of fair ones. Football; class play; and basketball player. Attending Business College in Portland.
9. Hallie Carter Attended C. H. S. one year; her motto was quality not quantity—of attendance. Teaching at Fort Klammath, Oregon.
10. Sadie Hull—Class play; is still in Colfax chasing around with Hattie Bakala. She knows Hattie's entire life history and she is exceedingly interesting when she is dwelling on that subject.
11. Florence Chase—Class play; since leaving school has been spending her father's money traveling around this broad state. She claims this trip will do anybody good.
12. Ruby Sherfey—Declaimer; class play; attending Stanford U.; says nothing like University life.
13. Blanche Galbraithe—Was in our midst one year; is learning the nursing business in Seattle in one of the huge hospitals in that city.
14. John Newman—Debater and argumentative in class recitations; class play; clerk of C. H. S.; attending Whitman College at present time; is a member of the debating team of that College.
15. Arthur Johnson--Track; football; class play. Farming near Colfax on an alfalfa ranch. Is raising hogs on said patch of alfalfa.
16. Cedric DePledge—Football and track; gymnast. Last year has been a member of County surveying staff.
17. Sam Morrison—Football and track; basketball; class play; vice president of class. Attended Berkeley one-half year, and is now attending U. of I.
18. Frank Goff—Football and track; basketball; class play and class president. Attending W. S. C. where he made his football "W" the first year. Member of basketball team of said college. Member of wrestling team. Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.
—B. Thompson and B. Hargrave.