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Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 08

Submitted by old yearbooks

Evans City, PA High School Alumni 1905-1930 08

Alumni and what they were doing in 1931.

Class of 1926
Leila Allen —Stenographer
Ruth Barnhart —Teacher in Sharpsville High School
Gladys Cooper —Mrs. Melvin Bonzo
Helen Gallagher —Stenographer
Opal Kennedy —Mrs. Brueckman
Alice McKeever —Stenographer
Bessie Miller —Stenographer
Hazel Ramsey —Graduate Nurse
Velma Reichold
Gladys Ripper —Teacher
Katherine Sample —Teacher in Springdale High School
Ruth Shields —Mrs. William Anthony
Edna Walker —Mrs. George Hicks
Thelma Wahl —Graduate Nurse
Frances Zeman
Gilbert Behm —Farmer
Ralph Frishkorn —National Tube Co., Ellwood City, Pa.
Harry Richardson
William Marburger —Thiel College
Charles Roberts —Pittsburgh Bank
James Gilbert —Bell Telephone Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Howard Spithaler —Radio Business
Arthur Watterson —National Tube Co., Ellwood City, Pa.

Class of 1927
Meredith Heyl —Wooster College
Dorothy Garvin —McClintic & Marshall Co.
Joseph Geraghty —Geneva College
Loyal Andrews —Ph. B. & N. C. Railways Cu.
Opal Clark —Butler Bus Terminal
Claude Boyer —Grove City College.
Frances Corbin —Butler Business College
Miles Davidson —Hyatt Roller Bearing Co
Beulah Davidson —Allegheny General Hospital
Reuben Kennedy —Westminister College
Meryle Fowler —Park Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Fred Lucas —U. S. Navy