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Canaan, CT High School Alumni 1933-1937 Page 1

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Canaan, CT High School Alumni 1933-1937 Page 1

Class of 1937

Allard, Shirley—Is working in Torrington, Conn.
Audette, Creighton—is employed in Windsor, Vt.
Bate, Frederick—is employed in his father's meat shop in West Cornwall, Conn.
Betz, Earl—is employed as bookkeeper at the Fair Acres Farm in Salisbury, Conn.
Blodgett, Alan—works as a clerk in the First National Store, Canaan, Conn.
Breen, Marjorie—is staying at her home in Sharon, Conn.
Broggi, Alice—is completing her first year at the School of Interior Decorating in New York City.
Broggi, Joseph—is working in Casey's Garage, Canaan, Conn.
Caldwell, Leonard III—is completing his freshman year at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.
Carlson, Dorothy—is at her home in Cornwall, Conn.
Cribley, Doris—is employed at Wassaic State School, Wassaic, New York.
Dean, Edmund—is working on his father's farm in South Canaan, Conn.
Dineen, Louise—is employed by the Silex Company in Hartford, Conn.
Faedi, Esther—is living at her home in East Canaan, Conn.
Fraleigh, Evelyn—is living at her home in Canaan.
Hanson, Hugh—won a Litchfield County University scholarship and is now attending Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y.
Luminati, Mary — employed in Sharon, Conn.
Marshall, Albert—has a sports equipment business of his own in Canaan, Conn.
Merz, Kenneth—is employed by his father in the plumbing business at Cornwall Bridge, Conn.
Mesner, Mary—has entered Oakwood School at Poughkeepsie, New York.
Miller, Kent—is employed by the U. S. Gypsum Company, Canaan, Conn.
Rassiga, Francis—is employed by Mather & O'Neil in Canaan, Conn.
Renshaw, Merlin—is residing at his home in Canaan, Conn.
Segalla, Louis—is attending Springfield College, Springfield, Mass.
Smith, Elizabeth—is living at her home in Cornwall, Conn.
Smith, Florence—is employed in the telephone office in Cornwall, Conn.
Stanton, Ralph—is living at his home in Canaan, Conn.
Stillson, Gordon— is attending Worcester School of Technology at Worcester, Mass.
Topping, Emily—employed at the Colonial Lunch Room, Canaan, Conn.

Class of 1936

Allyn, Donald—deceased.
Beals, Ruth—is working in Sharon, Conn.
Carley, George—works as a clerk in the A. & P. Store in Canaan, Conn.
Carlson, John—is employed by the Royal Typewriter Company in Hartford, Conn.
Consolini, Mary—is staying at her home in Canaan, Conn.
Cox, Helen—has entered the Hartford Hospital to train for a nurse.


From the 1938 Yearbook of Canaan High School.