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Canaan, CT High School Alumni 1933-1937 Page 2

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Canaan, CT High School Alumni 1933-1937 Page 2

Gondelli, Sue—is training in the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City.
Hallaway, Nelson—is completing his freshman year at Conn. State College at Storrs, Conn. after winning a scholarship from the Litchfield County University Club.
Horner, Katherine—is staying at her home in West Cornwall, Conn.
Houston, Pauline (Merke)—is now living in Rochester, New York.
Loverin, Alfred—works for M. C. Dean in South Canaan, Conn.
McCarthy, Kathlyn—is working in Collins' Jewelry Store in Canaan, Conn.
Morris, William—is completing his Sophomore year at Manhattan College, New York City.
Osborne, Barbara (Ford, Jr. )—is living in Sheffield, Mass.
Rutledge, Kenneth—is living at his home in Canaan, Conn.
Sabin, Delia—works as a clerk in Frink's Drug Store in Falls Village, Conn.
Smith, Donald—is employed by Robert Nuese in Cornwall, Conn.
Sondrini, Edith—lives at her home in Canaan, Conn.
Sondrini, William—is completing his Sophomore year at Conn. State College at Storrs, Conn.
Stoecker, Edna—is working as secretary to William M. Teague, Superintendent of the Schools.
Tracy, Helen—Operates a hat shop in the new Service Pharmacy Building in Canaan, Conn.
Wright—Esther — is working in Sheffield, Mass.

Class of 1935

Alquesta Aldo—is employed by the Gypsy Moth Company, Canaan, Conn.
Babuin, Edward—is employed by Mrs Stoeckel at Norfolk, Conn.
Beebe, Harold—works at Decker & Beebe, Canaan, Conn.
Botacchi, Rose (Stineford) — is now living in Hollywood, California.
Caldwell, Mildred—is now completing her Junior year at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York.
Davis, Isabelle—is a student at the University of Indiana.
Emmons, Charles—is employed by Robert Nuese in Cornwall, Conn.
Fraleigh, Andrew—works, for the Connecticut Power Company, Thomaston, Conn.
Gondelli, Arthur—will complete his Junior year at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, New York in June.
Hanlon, Betty—is attending Mount St. Joseph College in West Hartford, Conn.
Heinz, Bruno—is staying at his home in Falls Village, Conn.
Hugins, Frances—is attending the State Teacher's College at New Britain, Conn.
Lorch, Elizabeth (Palmer)—is living in Cornwall Bridge, Conn.
Marcon, Alyce—is working at the Connecticut Power Co. in Canaan, Conn.
Odell, Robert—is employed by the Connecticut State Highway Department.
Perantoni, Chester—is working at the Lakeville Valet in Lakeville, Conn.
Pozzetta, Rose—works in the State Highway Office at Canaan, Conn.
Renshaw, Doris—is training in the Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Conn.
Richardson, Roy—is completing his Junior year at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.


From the 1938 Yearbook of Canaan High School.